Ginger Zee Joins the 'GMA' Family

Take a closer look at the show's new weather editor.
3:00 | 12/05/13

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Transcript for Ginger Zee Joins the 'GMA' Family
The trailer of the year. Trailer of the year. Very good, jonah. And ginger zee, braving the elements. This is the start of a brand-new chapter. She officially joining our "gma" family five days a week. We want to take a look at our fearless, new meteorologist. Now, it's no longer safe. This is all ocean coming over here. Six people are dead. 50-foot cliffs. Inside the cloud, one of the possible tornadoes. We have a funnel moments ago. Come with me. Push all that water up on the barrier and over on the iconic atlantic city boardwalk. Reporter: She's the new leader of abc's extreme weather team. Oh, my gosh. Look at that. This is all ocean coming over there. This is what atlantic city looks like. There is water absolutely everywhere. Reporter: And a force of nature all her own. This state of emergency li lifted. You can see behind me, a building that was an art gallery. Imagine an eight-foot wall of water. Reporter: For our ginger zee, there's no storm too daunting to follow. Here's the hail. The hail here is wild. On i-44 south. They shut down the highway going north. This is a serious situation. We're looking at clear skies across michigan. Reporter: A passionate meteorologist, she's been covering the country's biggest weather events for years. Joining our abc team two years ago. A sea of debris. It is one of hundreds, if not thousands of damaged homes and businesses. Reporter: And when she's not chasing storms, she's chasing adventure. This is lookout mountain. We're going to make it runoff mountain. Here we go. Want to go again? I could do this all day. All day. Reporter: And now, ginger is set to bring her fearlessness -- we're going to start in what you call the suicide seat? Reporter: To our "gma" family every day. Good morning, america. Thumbs up. Great. We know how incredible you are when it comes to the weather and to adventure. But we want our viewers to know you a little better. What better way to do that than with the lightning round. The questions. Lightning. Ginger zee, what's your go-to karaoke song? You don't want to hear me sing. But it has to be jewel "you were meant for me." I do that in the shower all the time. We'll hear that at some point. Guilty pleasure tv show? So many. Probably "catfish." The last movie you watched? "The goonies." Wow. These are shocking. That's my favorite. So -- "the goonies." A really young josh brolin in that. I knew that. Fun fact. What is the square root of 406. No. I'm sorry. Who is your celebrity rush? Easy. Justin timberlake. Hey, j.T. Oh. It makes all of the difference. 15 years. I don't know how long we've been together, justin. He just doesn't know it yet. You are engaged. And when I get married -- we live in the same neighborhood. I see you out running often times when you are in town. On your play list, what's on your playlist? Right now, "roar." Still running to "roar." I know it's a little bit. I heard that song once. It's highly motivating. Here's an unfair one. Quirkiest habits? This gets me in trouble. When I brush my teeth, I squat. I do squats. I'm brushing my teeth. You're exactly right. That could get you in trouble. That's great. She's doing -- does squats. She's multitasking. A dream vacation? Dream vacation? Dream vacation, greece. And I will -- maybe a happy one. You wanted to get to know me, right? Yeah. The article of -- the article of clothing you can't live without? You really want to know that. Sweat pants. I love sweat pants. Strong. I want to live in them forever. And the final question, now that you're getting up way early and all week long, your ideal friday night? Oh, my gosh. I haven't had one. I've always been a weekend meteorologist. So, I think sleeping first. And second and third? Just being with my family and friends. I mean, being able to have that and not have to say, and I have to go to bed. Late night on friday nights. You want to go to bed. The ideal friday night, a couch and bed. You have your dog, otis, with you now. A little sweetheart. He's almost 12. And the best. A black lab. I could not be happier. K.J. And otis, a little play date. We're going to do a long walk

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{"id":21108339,"title":"Ginger Zee Joins the 'GMA' Family","duration":"3:00","description":"Take a closer look at the show's new weather editor.","url":"/GMA/video/ginger-zee-joins-gma-family-21108339","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}