Ginger Zee's Bachelorette Sendoff

The "GMA" team shares a special surprise before Ginger's big wedding day.
4:06 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for Ginger Zee's Bachelorette Sendoff
And -- you have to bring it up but Bryant's that you should totally. Show photos of yourself yellow tape around and are not right now I really didn't have an honor the Chicago sun times has always been really great to me and the context means that we -- to -- to -- wedding dresses and we'll take pictures of -- like all right assignment tough sell. Cell adding this is the first 100 hey this is what's so funny then send it. All of these places -- so glorious that this is actually the little park where we take all the dogs go to the bathroom -- I don't looking like this is not. If you knew what happened in this park behind the budget this and -- very pretty not assist in the or -- New York very close my apartment the magic of photography it's -- and but this is toilet yet her custody. And I generation -- an issue for your -- for the wedding. Yeah absolutely so we took that China we have the other photos we tried several other dues one that -- -- -- this this. Wedding dress business and every single one is by AM this battle could deal and the -- and -- the studios and -- that never know how to say it. And that they just make these brilliant dresses this somewhat short. Highlights of funding the and they cut it up. And hand coming up and I think if we get a leg in there and listen and I love this hair -- -- -- one hand that have you decided yet. I think we'll start with it a little more up than that but in that same swoop. And then there's an interconnected haired hero Georgia came -- no -- drug -- -- Perhaps hearing changed OK pretty manageable yes thank you little. Break in between the ceremony at a party anyway just to catch your breath yet. And probably as the master of yeah. Glass of champagne enjoy every minute what's -- at -- and it was just giving -- some advice she said. And -- because nobody ever eat and then they get -- -- and -- shields just that I love love she loves being married to just enjoying. And you will in -- that's okay. I cannot wait like it could be right now and I would be so happy to have it on but here at the last couple days -- -- It's it's just it's that -- time everybody stressing -- everybody's got something -- can't hear it every day we're so happy Florio. Before we get -- us we have a little a little extra outlet that's a good. Day live and -- Forget it you're here now is the only line up but I have -- -- here whether -- came here with a and friends -- -- can rob yeah. He got that you can't last Colombian in my apartment I -- McCain yeah. The idea that he's some months ginger white you're enjoying your paper and watch -- about to click for free -- bachelorette stand up. I thought yeah. And today you I don't really they'll find -- you I love you. Didn't I love you. I love you. My hat I think that that's part of that is him saying I love you because that's not everybody your field I don't think people realize how. Are you working in the morning you're you're through the night. Big storms your location and deserve a break in. He deserved to relax on the beach danger -- Much of anything -- this is Brian -- man right. And Maxi let me talk about a month I'm -- only that. Thank you guys so much so happy for you ginger have an amazing wedding come back a married woman incredible -- -- short hair. So happy for you thank you so much for joining us today ginger have a great 11 that every night. -- to thank you. -- film I know you. I love you. Jim I love you. I love you. Really they'll find -- you.

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{"id":23973083,"title":"Ginger Zee's Bachelorette Sendoff ","duration":"4:06","description":"The \"GMA\" team shares a special surprise before Ginger's big wedding day.","url":"/GMA/video/ginger-zees-bachelorette-sendoff-23973083","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}