'GMA' Kicks Off College Football Season

Ginger Zee, Lara Spencer and Ryan Smith learn how to kick a field goal from ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit.
2:50 | 08/26/14

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Transcript for 'GMA' Kicks Off College Football Season
And it is the anticipated start college football season best parts of although we now -- just a few days -- right here in Times Square so we invited. Former Ohio State quarterback get ESPN determined commentator curtain -- street is working the night but -- also may -- drive. To make this a perfect field -- Well in the district -- it meant a little like for the -- season. My. I think you'll -- they won the national championship a year ago and they have a quarterback back I think they're probably the team to beat him on the -- -- with the national coverage here. I like to say. I like I could easily hear an announcement that you -- -- that's that's final four. I don't fight for our -- -- You did say Penn -- -- quite a quarterback this year they do Christian -- of our outstanding they're getting better -- new -- too -- But I can't we do need to talk -- -- -- on the field and that you send pizza does that tell us about what you've got plants here that's what we're going to be here from eleven -- one. Really celebrating all six to ten year anniversary of their nets that they have an old state in the college football. And they've got a huge sweepstakes could leave coveted best -- your college football fans the best sweepstakes. I've ever heard of -- a chance to win four tickets to the Allstate Sugar Bowl for tickets for the national championship. And a 100000. Dollars so how you do check it out. It's good because you get a kick -- our white picket the competition appears on -- she's barefoot yeah. Your -- is -- -- Teddy bears highlight get together Pennsylvania is different here. As you've got -- any point in Brooklyn just -- deciding your foot don't hit it I don't know with the tough -- I had gotten this good in the air. How fast. Not bad. -- -- -- -- -- Fairly aggressive to -- that particular. Hearsay news society -- foot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not and -- this summer wind. Yeah. -- barefoot -- wanna go nerve. You're gonna go yeah. Tough and I just -- I was sitting Miss America the very went three up and spirited son history is not. What you're doing your thing I've -- five. On the back right -- -- it didn't hit the net. OK. -- And -- -- -- -- -- Karaoke where you're -- -- that you can -- Hey you yeah. The first ever come up the ball out of elections for the plant taken place Sunday December 7 at 12:45 eastern on ESP.

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{"id":25133072,"title":"'GMA' Kicks Off College Football Season ","duration":"2:50","description":"Ginger Zee, Lara Spencer and Ryan Smith learn how to kick a field goal from ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-kicks-off-college-football-season-25133072","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}