GMA LIVE! (01.28.14)

Gio and Ginger check out great ideas for Super Bowl snacks and appetizers.
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.28.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live backstage at GMA. If you may -- I want to -- -- its -- right then and how. Warmup sentencing of a neat as yeah. I'm -- even -- you -- me a line. And you can see us that we're not completely bundled up and we noticed someone noticed that you put up the picture of all of us for red and the need to the and they said do I have to haven't seen my last name to be on the extreme -- answers yes there have been -- everybody that's part of the of the -- don't hear the heartthrob of ABC I'll go ahead and say -- And hit and that smile aside from the time that you are frozen and I -- it. You couldn't smile couldn't what else kind of photograph I mean I didn't want to be dangerous to hold for you have to I was -- -- be safe but. Dallas. 39 below zero and a third and I'm below zero in Chicago and and and I thought I was smiling I really do it -- you work and it took a picture trying to smile -- and work. And that's the kind got the big beautiful smile opening. Let you know cool I wish we could make an honorary member of the extreme team especially one as severe weather time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pilots and our ABC affiliate in Oklahoma City excellent and tonight you're meeting for the -- said. Goat Coca. That it has not like that usually conscious the -- discount yeah we know that but yet again. But then you can't bring up a little so we can hear you Danielle is also storm chase -- Very few female Storm -- and so we see each other out of the road. This is really extreme team here exactly you know if you love severe weather you come to Oklahoma because they see it all -- -- -- I got the pleasure to meet ginger. During the spring season last year she came out and -- we met up and it was. One -- -- the season yeah Atlanta is the big populated areas getting hit and surely we'll see each other very shortly yes -- up for months but we're so happy that you and Carolina can welcome the city it's right it's funny -- out there. It is in I think the coldest morning think furniture they come I believe meteorologist would look thank you for being here yeah I have to tell everybody in here in town we'll take some -- land and the photos for all the beautiful -- I'm assuming that co host next. -- -- I noticed think. Lots of food right here. And I missed a lot of that I miss about half an idiot but we're still across the way that we could and did we -- -- -- -- yeah there. -- then you know people always wonderful where does all that -- go we do donate to a local. Pet shelter said this is really good news the -- not Hoboken children right. It's I did one until it broke that deal this is from the our friends we're gonna talk Jason dream dinners and whom -- know how much of a chef you are. I. -- I can do so little to -- some veggies -- -- says perhaps at the -- this is a place that would help you and we're gonna talk more about it coming up but first. We've got something on -- -- that is relatively nil. And is called the weather from agency. And you like the Perry winkle side and I love it and I love it. And that's yes when you know I hit the big time. -- I don't want to bring some weather videos you know I think it -- -- in the big sell out we've -- this. And Tennessee is that fall creek falls. -- -- -- -- -- Yes occasionally are flowing freely but says it's clean coal -- the only following in the Tennessee has frozen a lot of fans. -- -- About a lot more from this morning temperatures in the single digits and teens in parts of the deep south even by tomorrow morning at company. -- believe it's not something people are used is not thirty national weather and temperatures they read this thanks Max back. Very -- I must continue in Memphis up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Earlier bombing at a news out of control room with 36 the loan agreement yanks. All right well finding love at first light in the police department's holding cell after you've been arrested at a college party. Isn't exactly your typical romance story but that's exactly what happened. For these two college sweethearts it and then that band react and Samantha level from New London New Hampshire. Since their first time meeting involved the cops. Half past and Matt thought the best way to propose was by keeping the cops involved. So he arranged for the same police chief the rest of them to once again four years later -- them over. Samantha was scared and crying but her terrified tears as soon turned into tears of joy. And take a listen to the moment she realized what was going on -- that. Explain what that is coming. And Brandon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Supplement that it be angry -- got down on one -- obviously and that Amanda was officially. Arrested by love. The happy couple planned to wed next here on August 20 and I bet they have a good party and we get a couple error and I know it opened -- -- -- didn't -- wedding until you've got that I Stewart weddings and some real special some doozies I'll call on. We'll what is your fiance would have done. I would have killed them plus they have not arrested together I think they have a very unique love -- -- -- and that's a story that you share area that. Yet that's -- I would be so upset I was very pregnant that was good for. Played an extra hunt still ahead sell a toddler who is already showing some serious street cred and stung -- Police in this two year old. -- -- -- -- Well I think he's -- escape over the crowds. Have this -- -- real -- I don't know -- -- all of this nothing gets Valentin a stallion barn 'cause skateboard strategy comes from a family that's a -- -- -- -- -- And skateboarding and -- -- just six months old woman the question now six months old. All of -- none of that equipment but not stand I mean I haven't had children yet but it had a lot of settling -- last time I checked you don't -- tell your closer to one. And at our producers are asking where's the moment yeah we'll public twelve an Australian their different rules yeah well. -- apparently all the children walk when their six month old son and -- very can't -- well that's still pretty spectacular. All right now to look -- who found a new way to make a splash things seem to be going swimmingly well during bath time. Until our furry friend decides. Make a break for -- His owner taking his place in the -- Yeah this what is obviously from. Deep within the vaults but safe to say a criminal -- -- -- -- and -- around look out -- got channel. Doug on America's funniest and if that's that that's not still great stuff and I did and that's video and I was also but I can't I can't do it and it's as if you -- never taken over because it's still so special to see someone you know T those. -- until we do want to talk about more food because a Super Bowl just days away and if -- throwing a party. Are thinking about one now at the time to start but no real emotion maybe it's even night that we had to Stephanie Allen and teen now we have a question for you and that could not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bad dream dinners yet and I love this because it is for people who need help. -- right in the family is median home cooked dinner so weak provide all the ingredients -- -- chocolate ready. They get into our stores -- as some other dinners take them home in about an -- they can make twelve family size dinners. T comes midnight sun a night like Super Bowl this right is perfect explain again thank you go you have to go to the store. You get to our store and pick out the menu we have a menu then everything's. You don't like something you leave it out if you love garlic add extra garlic and making yourself now it's -- -- decide what to do. Well what we did for the super Liberal Party is we -- some of our favorite dinners and paired them down so here is our old fashioned meatloaf and twice baked potatoes. Instead of the meat loaf pan. We just made little ball sized meat meatballs. And pretty friendly -- -- finally here than a big dinner that you can make it -- by making a smaller portion. My -- -- -- right now yeah there are wasted no question now and they kids can get involved that. Kids glad that he had really found -- -- -- feeling I'll love it had. Yeah. It's -- So they didn't the meat -- the pared down but then when that we have here. We'll be having -- allied -- -- are really members telling you -- you could take any dinner roll off and put some -- meat in it since she is maybe a Little League did some fried onions. And some little thanks fast with manes kind of expected -- are out -- -- And made out like chickens fires that -- -- -- at home with little full of any minerals. And Eagles lost their little snow and -- -- kicked -- ahead here on game day. How do you -- time everybody wants is they've done to the takes -- -- It does and this isn't perfect -- this is served crescent flank steak you can take any flank steak marinated in your favorite sauce -- -- the night before. And then headed in the refrigerator hold and that today the next day bring it out slice it up and you can cut its Eric -- -- If so this is ready you don't have to you don't -- -- -- in the kitchen matter yet unless it's because its counterparty and you're in the original meaning it's enjoying county engineer that's the last thing apple cup yes. Let's see what we have -- Canadians -- spread. And and you could this Canadian -- that she could get anything in here any panic favorite pizza toppings you know put it innocent teens since last. They can't decisive captain Mike when he slices so it's Rosemont and it's just a step about them frozen pizzas right. On this is and preventing -- lifestyles I'm looking helmet and I'm sure you RTG a week we travel all the time is -- me -- your your product -- your stores would be great for that right hand that day it's not exactly an easy fashion sits right there Maury N flat. And and then finally. Well what we here's have taken our beat street -- -- and we turned into like a death and set up over pasta and means immigrant justice would be served -- Besides over cost debt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And shrimps can't be that's already closet threatening literally. -- go wrong with that deconstruct and that's where -- learned this why a lot of top -- and stuff yeah. I feel very intelligent not really but we do want to thank thank you so much anywhere quickly -- you. And in -- come cut through midnight news stories across the United States and help -- -- began -- Finally implement -- GO we're gonna have six -- Leon Katz during the next -- and -- I don't know where we're gonna -- Michael I hope I'm glad I had. Thought it was right here I want to see right here yeah. So yeah. I did at any parties see me this is -- that day I love the a lot of parties in the -- -- -- Does -- yeah. Yeah mountains we have the -- males wearing the broncos' colors EO Larry that it can't leave the running game right yeah you know Christina good it could not yes and then also we've got Stephanie Allen thank you so -- being -- yeah. Yeah yeah. -- well below. Entertainment I'm every morning at -- -- and yeah.

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