GMA LIVE (09.19.13)

Sam Champion, Sara Haines, Sherrod Small discuss Whoopi Goldberg, reveal new words in dictionary.
15:34 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.19.13)
-- -- Good Morning America hello hello whatever you choose to watch it. This is likely going to be trouble. It definitely is and not just because we have and a hilarious. -- volatile -- Right now we're gonna have a special performance coming up. And it was -- Again welcome -- like welcome -- eight times so this -- and went hey -- Bob I want -- to -- his the breakfast you see in front of us -- the breakfast series has been. Phenomenal all week long Sam. Great choice and -- it's it's it's probably fair to say we sort of flipped a coin and you won if she gets she's one of -- she's one of our favorite people. -- -- truly and I think that. -- one of the things that I I wanted to bring across because when the idea first brought was brought up to us it was like bring something in someone in that. The audience would get to learn more about the more side of them that they may not -- pride and and Whoopi is. Done everything and you'll probably -- Whoopi Goldberg what Eagleburger who were talking and and she's one. Two Emmys. Grammy. Tony. Oscar and -- -- I can still do what she and talks to dead people and little by one name yes that's right and. And what. I don't think people knew was what an incredible friend she has what an incredible power inside she is. And I truly I said it twice in the show but I truly believe -- it and it's very true for me. Anytime I'm around her. I come away feeling calmer. And happier I feel better about the world I feel better about people feel better about me I feel a little bit smarter she's she makes everything as far as I'm concern McDougal just the opposite of that since -- -- -- nervous. It's similar to understand my time -- I'm swinging back yeah. I look you know and Sam and I think you know she we had not Judy -- -- her her house. For a dinner that. It's still it's going to be one it's going to be one -- one of -- -- everything I can't believe I what am I doing here and it was amid. You know you find out did Cyndi -- soccer mom now and -- -- -- had a chance atop New York City politics it was. You what you won't see -- trials -- And you see how committed -- what these committed. And that's we -- something we talked a lot about on the show the last couple years implied maybe this shows do. You know it's it's a level of commitment that you it's -- it's uncommon -- to see it in her as a friend and as a person as an activist. She doesn't solve it does it all the -- a better place for what it's a much much better place our great great choice Sammy great choice you win. Charming what I and -- that's no golfer and by a car guy I've forgotten the good old fashioned buttered bagel I forgot how did -- work yes -- Every morning shift that -- has Chris secret -- make -- energy drinks. In her -- that third. Of lemonade a third of ice team and then a third of lemonade on the top. Prefer to some would just you know approximately doesn't use -- -- -- a snack on potato chips and he supported -- peanuts in them there. It is like that's that's the dangers could. You can definitely yeah. I -- -- -- I. I got -- why don't let you know what I have I I have an interview from -- opera piece that's gonna bomb bringing we're gonna bring Friday. It's about bullying which is pet -- that -- about -- enough to think that at a pet -- a pet project the mind it's really it's at some really important and it's going to be. Really great. But time is of the essence look at. But I Carl political message -- Arab welcome thinks they're welcome to the program being that we have we will mark time for a well I don't go -- here we welcome here is Daniel Jack. -- kind of human development back. His beautiful studio audience he. We not -- are gorgeous studio audience. -- that got us we got a digital equipment coming up a little bit. I see something very special happening right -- -- off Oregon and Nevada. -- -- -- That's -- author yeah maybe yeah. And your client edition -- new morrow who. Apparently Josh it's difficult with a mouthful of bagel it's called this ship. -- yeah he. Yeah he -- -- so what do you don't know though is that well -- don't opinion about -- that you really responsible for this book no and yes because on September 21 of last year on the air used to add to my Simonsen deep into -- -- laboratory Johnson yeah and it totally freaked me out you gotta zone and I are talking about and I didn't I didn't I know you are doing you don't know. -- -- when you walked out I thought. Wow you know what. Not an -- weight losses is it's it's a difficult topic for anyone because it's very personal debt and and so you don't necessarily want -- wanna say to someone -- look -- -- you don't look thinner whatever it is right but when I saw you you looked happy looked confident and there was just this. Slash I like to IC. A slimmer -- and used. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That any open about my -- -- -- -- tempos and questions and email and I -- all my -- hanging answer everybody and -- the shift in the answer to that and not an end so. Just appreciative and grateful that that so many people -- struggled for so long like I did. Can find a solution with the -- so I'm I'm so honored that the. -- -- -- -- -- -- I admit knowing you for awhile when I see you now there is definitely a light in -- and kind of a brightness about you interconnectivity. That says to me you -- -- really happy place in your in your world. Our -- -- -- me than they would have been. Oh yeah oh yeah. Yeah. And yeah. Start -- I am I. Considering all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I -- yeah. They did my family's -- like -- -- I'm not an apple critics even send off for any occasion I like the -- -- and all -- yeah. All know -- -- regularly. On sixteen dollars and lasting -- eight box box eight and yeah when you go to -- low. Yeah. That's how -- now he'll get a Lincoln all the deep Gelman -- you can send them off. -- -- I do believe I agree with you they should have been on this this is a good product idea it'll be a lot of -- get -- anniversary -- among Darryl. Not a lot of -- yeah. Better yet better than that okay I don't think that our deals and deal that they are the only outlet -- you -- you. That's. -- Com is doing a very nice job filling in for Larry today on the news that pops paint Lara has as I love how you put it has a little laryngitis. So that's. Yeah yeah -- we hope Lara Spencer that your feeling better better better soon. What do you got -- -- well we've got -- will play an NA extraction a form of a pint sized Packers fan a super fan really because this toddler knows more about the green bay Packers and football. In general in most of us here. I -- even complete a sentence -- check out seventeen month old landed him. -- -- Good -- Tim Henman put everything. Remove. -- careers and what's this. -- -- -- So that it -- It's and what he's saying. Okay. Right. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah hole yeah he and his this. Am glad full human made human -- -- it would -- for the Packers. Don't want the law. OK -- They -- -- had an accident that that. Can they do. I can't say he won me over what I was saying this is like I was thinking this is like you know how people say and people are gonna get mad at me now because I'm comparing dogs and kids I'm not my door and not a not -- I don't think tank but did not. Owens says oh my dog can talk and and they show the document -- They got this season I love -- -- donated to remake her. Love mommy does that sound but -- got me with this when it actually says some headway in what -- today CNN EA EA. Putting Green Bay Packers fans own the team that he might ultimately doesn't in the team that's why you -- -- -- a better -- Are you gotta figure it out there and I'll -- works around you have a little something. -- that's right I do indeed don't want to. Oxford dictionary just came out with their -- list of buzz worthy new words from the on line dictionary. Now summer you may not be familiar with the latest slang on a strike is the latest slide -- you know -- -- ministries all day. Did not allow homes built on the street to help you learn the latest words all the kids listening to get out of the kids. -- -- Joseph -- denim shorts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've had a bit facsimile grab -- and then -- about my shorts and TJ Richard Petty and Jordan. George they were than if you like about the geek chic look idyllic -- since I was three years old -- found my first person wearing shorts. I think now the question is right that's for the George. In biology at small digital image your iPod music express emotion and electronic communication can you show me what. -- -- like today. Eleven yards eleven million. -- Girl crush an intense admiration fell by one woman for another man who is your ultimate girl crush. The man -- yeah. Our. Although that fear of missing out on an event or activity you guys that know the word normal it's now in the dictionary. And what -- Never -- a comparable that's another movement I was going to be the fear of missing out didn't get her act. Self feet a photograph that won its ticket of oneself with a Smartphone. He -- its terrific itself and. I'm glad this -- you. -- don't be so we don't like dance and we think. And my top favorite furiously. Sir -- -- short very seriously. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on the street there were some of those words that popped up Jamal I didn't now being seriously that Carolina the citadel with the apparent. All right fill -- an -- album and we. McNally the noted the that all the time. By the way director of Long -- music center of music together children's music program you can I just can I just dig a little -- all the -- we'll. Sort of the -- if it's yeah. Thank you -- thank you for bringing the kids until a little bit about the program. All of music together is an internationally recognized early childhood music and movement program right it's all over the world -- 2000 communities in forty countries -- on -- and it's based on the recognition that -- children are. Musical and all children can. Learn to sing in tune -- to keep it -- and to participate. With confidence and. I don't none of you can sing right nodded and you get all children but you you can't all right can you can you really are you kidding me -- -- -- him. God I can't tell you don't tell me how sorry that you can sing right. More than tell me how I can show us give us -- and using -- the show and we thank you. We're watching -- -- good Good Morning America live but give us a little way out of the woman had interviewed song called me all. Children OK it's written by music -- founder director Kendall -- And it's the centerpiece of a lot of celebrations going on this weekend on Saturday for the U ends international day of peace beautiful man and -- coming. Which -- you kids drove. I played against the graduating -- it. And then -- -- -- -- OKV. Yeah. Yeah me. -- -- -- We're. -- He. Okay. Good okay. Yeah okay.

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