Iraqi Offensive Battle for Mosul Begins

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi announced the start of an offensive battle for forces to move in on the last ISIS stronghold in the nation's second largest city.
2:56 | 10/17/16

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Transcript for Iraqi Offensive Battle for Mosul Begins
We're going to have a lot more on that. We begin with the breaking news. Thousands of Iraqi troops trying to take the key city of mosul deal a crippling blow to the group. What is happening right now, Alex? Reporter: Good morning, we've been watching this battle for mosul play out in the valley with the forces up here in the hills and the coalition jets above, pummeling those ISIS militants below on the first day of this battle that will determine the future of ISIS. The battle for mosul beginning. An estimated 30,000 fighting onic that the strong hold. Those kurdish fighters zeroing in their mortars on yis krs targeting below. Targets selected and observed by American forces, ib colluding these soldiers from the 101st airborne division. That was one of the rockets heading out into the plains around the city of mosul. The sun has come up, the pace of fighting has picked up as well. We've been able to see and hear the artillery and the air strikes landing down there. Around mosul. For the first time, we're hearing gunfire as well, meaning the two sides are now closely engaging each other. The view of the fighting increasingly obscured by a thick, black haze. If ISIS loses mosul, they lose their last foothold in Iraq and their biggest prize to date. It would deal a devastating blow to the group. For months, they've talk T about the plans to retake mosul from ISIS. Hoping to energy JAZE ING ING to energize resistance in the city. They're expecting 1 million people to flee the fighting. Could be one of the biggest humanitarian crises this year. Thank you, Alex. Let's bring in Martha rad dat dats for more. We have seen the public buildup to this battle for months. This is so critical because moos sl the last strong hold for ISIS in Iraq. Exactly right, George. It's critical and difficult. The U.S. Military feels very confident that the Iraqis will succeed. This will not be fast. This would be a huge step towards defeating ISIS in Iraq. Governing and stabilizing that area will be a challenge. ISIS in Syria is a much more complicated problem. You zroept a unified fighting force there. Few U.S. Forces to help them. This will be the challenge for the next president. Martha Raddatz, thank you very much. Now to the race for the white house and the attack on a Republican office in north

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{"id":42853136,"title":"Iraqi Offensive Battle for Mosul Begins","duration":"2:56","description":"Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi announced the start of an offensive battle for forces to move in on the last ISIS stronghold in the nation's second largest city.","url":"/GMA/video/iraqi-offensive-battle-mosul-begins-42853136","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}