Jack Hanna Brings Lion Cub, Clouded Leopard to NYC

Animal-lover Tallon Nightwalker increases his collection of animal photos with "GMA" visit.
4:18 | 11/30/12

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Transcript for Jack Hanna Brings Lion Cub, Clouded Leopard to NYC
And he's brought along some very active fellas, obviously. These are lions. These aren't people's pet. Going back to africa about 1978, this animal has decreased 80% in the wild. The animal, like rabbits, is almost gone. How old? A little baby lion. Almost nine weeks. That's remarkable, the claws. They can have six or seven cubs at a time. They can be heard about five miles away when they roar. This one making a little coughing noise. They learn all this stuff when they grow up. Can we touch? Is that going to be okay? It looks real nice to people at home. But the american zooologist association, a lot of the animals, from breeding zones. This could end up in the columbus zoo. It is a beautiful, beautiful -- aren't they something? Yeah. They really are. Who else do we have? You manage to do this, still, after 30 years of being here, bringing animals I never heard of before. This is a kwatamundi. The raccoon of south america, really. Give him the bottle. I'll let josh handle the bottle feeding right now. It's like a raccoon. These things get into everything. We have our tents over there. Oh, gosh. Okay. Everybody's good. Everybody's good. Yeah. They're an animal like a raccoon. They're over there by the thousands. Okay. The spotted leopard. One of the most beautiful things. One of the most rare creature in the world. Lara, come see this. This animal can come down a tree forwards. They're a rare creature. Very rare in the wild. The spotted leopard was almost extinct for their coats. These coats are like $80,000 on the market. Ooh. Here's what I got to say about that. That coat is worth nothing on the market because you can buy fake fur today that looks so amazingly real. So, do that and let these animals keep their coat. You have a good point, sam. Some people live in malaysia looking for the animal. I could be there for ten years and never find the animal. The teeth are very sharp. We have a guest here, as well, today. We mentioned I'm. Kallen. Pictures of kallen right now with so many different species of animal. This is something of a -- it's a pet project. You want pictures taken with as many animals as you can. How many so far? 848. Wow. Is there one that sticks out? Is there one special one? I do like the bobcat picture. He's up on my head, smelling my hair. We like that, yeah. His dad, though, has a station rehabilitation station for native animals of colorado. You grew up around them? Yeah. I volunteered there. Are you going to help him? Are we going to push past the 1,000-mark? He dedicated his life to that. And they believe in conservation. This is another animal being rescued all over the country. That's a barn owl. That's a barn owl. So beautiful. We can try. The barn owls are -- owls are protected species all over the country. They're a beautiful animal, called the bird of silent flight. Some of the animals can take down 20 mice in an hour. That's how valuable the owl is. You know what's great is the person in my ear telling me i look scared. Thank you. Thank you for breaking news here on "good morning america." That's a beautiful animal. Jack, you're the only one who brings these things around and lets us understand that they should be running free in the wild. But they really can't be in so many places in this earth. We need the next generation to care about conservation. Thank you. Doing a great job. You have somebody great here to follow. Thank you. You can see jack with more exotic animals, like the one resting on my arm. "Jack hanna's wild countdown." It airs saturday morning on most

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{"id":17846641,"title":"Jack Hanna Brings Lion Cub, Clouded Leopard to NYC","duration":"4:18","description":"Animal-lover Tallon Nightwalker increases his collection of animal photos with \"GMA\" visit.","url":"/GMA/video/jack-hanna-director-emeritus-columbus-zoo-brings-lion-17846641","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}