Jake Gyllenhaal Joins All Star Cast in 'Prisoners'

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal discusses his new role as a detective assigned to find two missing girls.
4:42 | 09/18/13

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Transcript for Jake Gyllenhaal Joins All Star Cast in 'Prisoners'
you by abreva. I'm here with jake gyllenhaal. He is starring with hugh jackman in a heart-pounding thriller that I had to stay up way too late to watch. It's called "prisoners." Here he is, closing in on an elusive suspect, questioning him about shopping for some clothes. Is it a crime to shop there? Can't afford to buy suits from brooks brothers. Yeah. All right. You bought children's clothes. Did i? Been in a hurry. Do you have children? I don't. Yet. It is so disturbing. And we want to welcome you. You do a terrific job. I like that introduction. It's so disturbing. And welcome. In the greatest way possible. Like any psychological thriller, it gets you at the start. And the content for a parent is the unthinkable. Two little girls go missing. You are an uncle in real life. A godfather in real life. How did this resonate for you as an actor? Well, I mean, I think it's actually heroic story ultimately. I think there's a lot to be said about the subject matter and what starts the story and ends up, you know, finishing it. But at the end, throughout, it's about a hero. Really, a father who goes to take the law into his own hands. And I think questions about what being a man is. Being a father is. What doing the right thing is. There's so many fascinating questions in this. An amazing whodunit in the middle of all of it. I have to say thank you for staying up so late to watch it. I know that you have a job to do. Yeah. And a school night last night. It's always a better conversation when you see it. And I truly couldn't stop watching it. And the photography is so beautiful and stirring. And it's dark. We saw behind-the-scenes footage that there's a lot of levity behind the scenes that you provided, I understand. Well, when you're working with hugh jackman and our director, who is a wonderful man. I think family is important to all of us. And like you said, I have children in my life who I love so much. But they're great fathers, the director and hugh. And I think they do a wonderful job, as well as the producers who make wonderful movies about family. "The blind side." That sense of family was around on set. That allowed for people to be themselves. And you don't have to take a break when it's that deep to cut loose a little bit. I look at it like a slingshot. If you're going to commit to something in a scene that's full of tension, it's nice to go all the way to the other side, to go as far as you can the other way. Look. I have an amazing job. And you're amazing at it. Hugh jackman tweeted at it. Not only a great actor. But a great mate. Tell me about working with hugh jackman. It's frustrating how wonderful he is. He's a really, really good guy. You know, when I heard a lot about him before I worked with him, how nice he was and all that stuff. Really? All true? We'll see how nice this guy is. It's really all true. I love hearing that. And I love seeing that. 1991, from a&e biography, we found this clip of you on the red carpet, from your very first film. "City slickers" promoting on the red carpet. I used to ride horses at martha's vineyard. But not much anymore because I'm sort of scared. Can you still do that? I take a lot of pride in preparing for characters. Clearly, I was preparing very early on for "brokeback mountain" with that one. Look at that hat. That's incredible. I remember that vividly. When I come here all the time, it's hard to forget. You are an incredible show. Incredible people that work very hard. It's amazing to see the set put together. Everybody's working so fast and so hard. It's incredible. Thank you. It's hard to forget. So, even at whatever, 10 years old. Thank you for recognizing our incredible team. And thank you for the work you do. Really appreciate it. Check out "prisoners."

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{"id":20290614,"title":"Jake Gyllenhaal Joins All Star Cast in 'Prisoners'","duration":"4:42","description":"Actor Jake Gyllenhaal discusses his new role as a detective assigned to find two missing girls.","url":"/GMA/video/jake-gyllenhaal-joins-star-cast-prisoners-20290614","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}