Jamie Foxx 'Blessed' to Be Recording With Barbra Streisand

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:25 | 02/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jamie Foxx 'Blessed' to Be Recording With Barbra Streisand
"Pop news" time and in the world of unliking pairings, Jamie Foxx and Barbra streisand. Okay. Isn't that -- it's beautifully incredibly random. Two singers revealing they've been recording together. Foxx shared this with the caption, you cannot tell me that my life is not blessed. Just finished doing a record with the legendary Barbra streisand. Pretty cool. And brush brahim apparently feels the same way. Jamie is sweet, funny and an excellent singer too. If the duet seems out of left field how about the song they chose. "Climb every mountain" from "The sound of music." No word on where to find this song but it is certain to be one of our favorite things. Nicely done. Thank you. Ba-dum-dum. Russian security guard by the name of Roman is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame in the run-up to the oscars thanks to his resemblance to a certain Oscar nominee. Roman has landed a reality series in Russia called romance with Dicaprio in which he'll go on a diet and re-create some of his hottest moments in an effort to become a superstar himself. A Moscow TV station invited women to re-create his famous "Titanic" scene with the Dicaprio doppelganger and then there's this. ? There's Roman on his instagram showing Leo. We'll call them Leo's megame. Singing "My heart will go on." Also reenacted the bear scene recently. Oh, no. In "The revenant," of course. You know, we all laugh at this. But we found this story in a profile in none other than "Vanity fair." I don't think Leo is laughing about it. I don't think Leo is but "Vanity fair" just profiled Roman in a piece. He's become quite a big star in Russia. He's got 100 pounds on Leo. That's why he's doing like a biggest loser type show. Power over that bear in I'm so glad you said it. He's Leo's megame, not mini-me. Megame, okay. More to love. Exactly. But there's this big -- I'll stop. I'm sorry but in other tangential Oscar news as we wait to see which is named best of the year we wanted to take some time to celebrate some not so hot hits. These are lists. We asked our viewers for input on Twitter and compiled the top three worst movies we love to watch. Are you ready. Coming in at number three, grease grease may be the one I want but its sequel, number three on the list starring a young Michelle Pfeiffer never got its rhythm but she's still a sugary sweet treat. According to our viewers. Number two, movie whose title is as bad as film itself the 1964 "Santa Claus conquers the martians." Missed that one. Ho, ho, horrible. It's genius and finally the worst movie we love to watch that's appeared on almost every list of worst movies on line. So many tweeted this to me "The room" not the Oscar nominee. Not the Oscar nominee. This is the 2003 cult classic written, produced and directed by one guy and one review said and I quote, it was like a film that looks like it was done by a

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{"id":37052343,"title":"Jamie Foxx 'Blessed' to Be Recording With Barbra Streisand","duration":"3:25","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","url":"/GMA/video/jamie-foxx-blessed-recording-barbra-streisand-37052343","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}