Jay Bilas Reveals Who's Really the 'Toughest' Person at Home

ESPN analyst discusses his new book, "Toughness: Developing True Strength On and Off the Court"
3:20 | 03/06/13

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Transcript for Jay Bilas Reveals Who's Really the 'Toughest' Person at Home
All: George. Thank you. It's not about me but good friend jay bilas to tell us about his new book, what it means to be tough. Jay is an espn basketball commentator, an analyst, former player himself. Also, oh, by the way, an attorney. Happy to have him him. "Toughness: Developing true strength on and off the court." Obviously a passion project but what for you then is toughness? Well, toughness is meeting challenges head on and not shrinking from them. I think my former teammates will find it wildly ironic I wrote about toughness but whether you're a parent or a colleague at a law firm or working here on the "gma" team, we've all got les to play and being a star in your role while at the same time being responsible for what you do and being accountable for the mission and meeting all the challenges that you have head on and not taking a step back from it. You know, accountability, interesting in the book, you relate talking to a teammate of your, mark allery and when i worked out I was working out so I was good enough so I didn't have to try to do too much. He said actually for him it was to find out, frankly, how far he could go. It's really this book "cuffness," it's about finding out how you can be -- how good can you be. In a large measure toughness is about pushing your limits that we've all got and other gear. We've all got more in us and mark was a great player. All-american and we came in kind of rated the same in college or out of high school and I worked really hard. I was a hard worker. But I worked really hard in conditioning so that I could be more comfortable in my work and mark worked out to be more productive so he wasn't trying to be comfortable. His thing when we ran the mile, I wanted to improve my time but I wanted to do it more comfortably, the truth was and mark's thing was the mile is about how much pain you're willing to endure. I want to see -- I mean and so he wasn't interested in being more comfortable and that was when i learned that essentially from him in watching him work that was a real turning point. Reading this book, you talked to so many people in this book. So many of the great college coaches, for instance, but the toughest person you know is whom? My father. But both my parents, my mother is really tough too and, you know, you can be tough and really nice, those are not mutually exclusive, but my dad has a tremendous work ethic. Never complains. He's always got a plan for things. He's always prepared and he's got tremendous perspective like he knows what -- he's got his priorities state for him and he cares what other people think but I certainly doesn't worry about it because he know what's wants to accomplish. A great read. Metallurgic studies in here and idea of hardness and toughness. Terrific. I know once upon a time and saw this and had to do it, let's go back to the year 1981, shall we when you were coming for our jobs at rolling hills high. Look at vintage jay bilas. Can I have a coke? Nope. Why not? Because it's a state law. You can't serve cokes until Did you hear that? It's a state law thaw can't serve cokes until 1:15? What if I have an i.D.? Muckraking and with -- that was terrific. A high school media studies project we did and this is some friend-on-friend crime. I'll have to be tough to get through this. I can't believe you did it. A fantastic read, jay. Great to see you. Good luck with the book. It is on sale now. "Toughness."

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{"id":18666363,"title":"Jay Bilas Reveals Who's Really the 'Toughest' Person at Home","duration":"3:20","description":"ESPN analyst discusses his new book, \"Toughness: Developing True Strength On and Off the Court\"","url":"/GMA/video/jay-bilas-reveals-toughest-person-home-18666363","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}