Star Turning 41, Drops 30 Pounds

"Beverly Hills 90210" star reveals workout secrets that helped her shed significant weight.
2:43 | 04/02/13

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Transcript for Star Turning 41, Drops 30 Pounds
Concert, but right now "the heat index." Chilly but downright hot. The hottest stories trending and we begin with jennie garth. She dropped 30 pounds and looks better than ever. So what are her seeks? Diana perez has our story. ♪ Reporter: There's a stunning vacation pics of jennie garth 123457ed just last wednesday all smiles and sporting a pink bikini on holiday with her three daughters in mexico. Turns out garth has a lot to The star who rose to fame in the EARLY '90s HIT TEEN DRAMA 90210" turning 41 tomorrow and says she's looking and feeling better than ever. I've been working out really hard, weight training with a trainer three days a week. Reporter: Garth recently sat down with "health" magazine revealing a dramatic 0-pound weight loss. Her secret, eating clean and healthy things to eat is salad with beats on it. I can't get enough beets on them lately. Reporter: She shared her two golden rules for staying slim. Number one, do check ins weighing yourself often and, number two, run from fad diets. I really never sit around. One of her biggestizatfixations is greek yogurt. Reporter:12-year marriage ended last march and at a film premiere she tells us she's stronger than ever after the split. I'm slowly getting my life back. Definitely been a process. I'm still in the process but every day sort of gets better and better. Reporter: She joins a list of ACTRESSES TAKING THEIR 40s BY Storm from halle berry to brooke burke charvet looking fab in figure hugging frocks proving age ain't nothing but a number these days. Diana perez, abc news, new york. She does look good. We all agree. I disagree. I can't take I use. Salad with beets. She's going to be unhappy in about two days. Keep it up. Do you have any advice? You already lost 30 pounds. You drop the husband. You're looking good. Now you got to get you some batteries, you're going to be great, girl. Don't judge me. Don't judge me, table. I'm not the only one keeping duracell alive. Don't judge me. We're going to move. All right. What's the word of the day,

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{"id":18861793,"title":"Star Turning 41, Drops 30 Pounds","duration":"2:43","description":"\"Beverly Hills 90210\" star reveals workout secrets that helped her shed significant weight.","url":"/GMA/video/jennie-garth-weight-loss-beverly-hills-90210-star-18861793","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}