Leah and Devon Still on Leah's Fight Against Cancer

The father and daughter say 5-year-old Leah "beat cancer."
6:15 | 01/15/16

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Transcript for Leah and Devon Still on Leah's Fight Against Cancer
Oh, my goodness. Leah still is the 5-year-old who captured all the world's attention, our hearts, inspired millions, bravely facing cancer. Now she and her daddy have scored the biggest victory of all. Look at them. They're here in our studio. She's cancer-free and we'll talk to them in just a moment. First a look at their story. I'm ready for today. You ready for today? Uh-huh. You ready to get this cancer out of you? Let's do it. Reporter: It was the fist pump that warmed our hearts and started Leah still's cancer-free journey. Hi, daddy. Reporter: The daddy/daughter powerhouse Devon and Leah still have shared their message of courage and strength one selfie and fist pump at a time ever since Leah was diagnosed with stage four period 59 trick cancer at the age of 4. My name is Leah. Reporter: Her fight inspiring millions and today according to her proud papa, Houston texans defensive tackle Devon still little Leah was won her battle. Last week posting this pic of a smiling Leah and a rock star pose with the caption "Last treatment. Let's go" then on instagram on Wednesday, the football star boasting his daughter's stat, if you will. 41 days of chemotherapy, 40 days of antibody theory, 19 days of radiation, 7-hour surgery, 1 win. With that caption I can really say my daughter beat cancer. When my daughter was first diagnosed with cancer I felt like I was in a nightmare. Reporter: It has been a trying year for the two who recently won the 2015 jimmy V. Perseverance award at the espys. But for this doting dad, greater than any award or win on the gridiron is his little girl's win against cancer. And Devon and Leah still are joining us. They deserve a standing ovation. Yes, yes, got a fist pump. Can I get a fist pump. Can I get one from your daddy? All right. Whoo. We needed this today. We needed to hear your story. How are you feeling? You just got out of the hospital? How are you feeling? Really good. Really good. Not just good but really good. How is that -- how has your daddy helped you through all this? Good. He's been a good daddy. Is he fun? Uh-huh. I can tell. It's -- there are no words and when you heard the words that she is doing as well as she is after giving a pretty dire diagnosis, what did that mean to you to hear those words? I'm just thankful. I mean, it was definitely a long road traveled. And, you know, with battling cancer and specifically my daughter's type of cancer, you know, a lot of families aren't fortunate to make it through the whole battle so we feel thanked and blessed that we had the daughters and people around us to help us through this battle. You all have been just so public about it. Did you see your daddy when he was at the espys and got up there on the stage. We were talking beforehand. You didn't want him to cry. You were like daddy don't be a cry baby. Is that what you said to him? Yes. Yes, you did but it was such an inspirational speech. The jimmy V. Perseverance award because both of you, Leah and Devon, how you have persevered through this. Why did you decide to share so much of your story in hopes of helping others. It was important to us. To be honest, before my daughter was diagnosed I didn't know too much about childhood cancer and just knowing that I had the platform I knew that I could reach a big audience and inform everybody what it's like, therefore, people step up like they did and help out those that are in need. How did you feel? #Leahstrong. How are you so strong? I don't know. I think it's cause my dad and me. Your daddy makes you strong like that together. And I know that has meant a lot to you, the outpouring, the love and the support and you are continuing to give back. Congratulations, you and your beautiful fiancee have set a date and you established something called the knot where people can help children who have gone through what Leah has. Tell us about it. We wanted to continue to fight against pediatric cancer so instead of having a gift registry we decided to have a charity reg city where people can go to the knot.com/dreams and donate money to four different charity, one to the still strong foundation. I heard you're going to be the flower girl. Do you have your dress picked out? Uh-huh. I think people will help on the knot decide what you'll wear and different things like that so it's great what you are doing and how you realize. What do you say for a daddy and a mommy that is sitting at home and they have a child like that Leah that's facing some tough times? What is your message. Don't give up. I mean I think that's been the point that anybody who is battling cancer says to everybody, just don't give up. It's a lot of dark spots. Not a lot of positive things you hair from the doctors but if you keep the mind frame you can make tough anything and I documented our story on social media so parents that are going through similar situations can look back and see exactly what we was doing to get through those times. Now you're with the Houston texans. Are you ready to see your daddy play some football again? Yes. Yes. What do you like to do? I like to be a cheer. Leader at Penn state -- Wonderful! Penn state is from pepiot state. Why did you do that? Why Penn state. Because my dad goes to Penn state. He used to. That's right. That's right. We are. We are. Leah, we love you. Thank you. Thank you for giving us hope. Just thanks for being the beautiful little girl that you are. Okay. Okay. We'll see you on the sidelines at Penn state. Devon, continued blessings. Congratulations on everything. The knot. The knot. Take care.

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{"id":36310206,"title":"Leah and Devon Still on Leah's Fight Against Cancer","duration":"6:15","description":"The father and daughter say 5-year-old Leah \"beat cancer.\"","url":"/GMA/video/leah-devon-leahs-fight-cancer-36310206","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}