Lorde Turns the Tables on Aggressive Paparazzi

The Grammy winner is taking to social media to stand up for her privacy.
2:05 | 05/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lorde Turns the Tables on Aggressive Paparazzi
It is just about 7:43. And grammy winning pop singer, lord, turning the tables on an aggressive paparazzo, she says is stalking her. She has launched a social media blitz, taking a stand to protect her privacy. Mara schiavocampo with the story. ? We'll never be Royals ? Reporter: Lorde is best known for her megahit, "Royals." Now, she's accusing one photographer of being a royal pain. This morning, fighting back against what she calls paparazzi harassment and stalking. Lorde did something a lot of celebrities don't do. She publicly complained about a particular paparazzo, in her Twitter feed. Reporter: The 17-year-old New Zealand pop sensation, still in her final year of high school, taking to Twitter. Posting this picture of the photographer, which we have blurred. Writing, this man has been stalking me, photographing me and refusing me privacy. I am scared of him. I refuse to stay passive about men systemically subjecting me to fear. I understand this comes with the territory. I do not understand why I should be complacent. Lorde, who has 1.5 million followers, posted a link to the photographer's Facebook page. This is not the first time the photog has been accused of crossing the line. Lorde tweeting that Rihanna lashed out at the same man last year. The average person has no idea how aggressive, how intimidating and how ruthless these photographers are. Reporter: Lorde, now joining a long list of young celebrities fighting back against the paparazzi. In 2012, Justin Bieber was cited for speeding after allegedly being followed on the L.A. Freeway in a high-speed chase, prompting this call to 911. 911 emergency, what are you reporting? Hello, I have like five cars following me. Reporter: Since taking her fight to Twitter, lorde's posts have been retweeted thousands of times. The man behind the camera, now finding himself in front of it. For "Good morning America," Mara schiavocampo, ABC news,

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{"id":23602741,"title":"Lorde Turns the Tables on Aggressive Paparazzi","duration":"2:05","description":"The Grammy winner is taking to social media to stand up for her privacy.","url":"/GMA/video/lorde-turns-tables-aggressive-paparazzi-23602741","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}