What Makes A Burger Cost $250?

The Indulgence Burger is so sophisticated it needs to be ordered a day in advance
2:51 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for What Makes A Burger Cost $250?
Kids he's until -- If you ask how much it is. You better really like -- -- -- 250 dollars -- got to be ready until. The ingredients are snow specialize didn't need to be ordered a -- Enid eight. -- can only be found by one person's chest knock them curing barns at the -- telling Manhattan. She not has agreed to make me his -- -- for the day it's like to make my -- eagle Jennifer. I wanna learn how to make it okay we tell -- you -- I'm your -- -- her her. While chef not carefully presenting grills -- beef -- eclipse need to work -- the. -- -- down yet but it yeah. But down get a -- anglers -- -- Do you have any big. I hope to get a -- did and advisable -- And -- Olympia snow -- PM trying to figure dropped boy I'm saying you know who may place mills. Come up in new we will have been officially -- recommend to beef up. You need to read it all away and Don Cole pulled them because you know argued a case Baylor beat. Check Knox faces up -- sixty dollar a ball drop which -- an inch thick and -- -- on a searing hot again. While -- slices are -- from a forty dollar quarter sized ball of black truck. That the phone that's in the futility -- copy of the disability. And that trouble is wall sale that's why I fight what they've -- And -- we needed to become very good that's why I'm rob good to -- Flavor and texture thing. Later quite diligently and build the burger. Topping it off -- forty dollars -- of beluga caviar and one splash truffle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I yeah I think better -- he worked hard for an. And -- but okay you ready yet. Among those turning Pittsburgh. -- you know. Equipment. Visited yeah I took down. This 250. Dollar -- -- Thank you so much to help us and religious facility in the -- -- -- your -- yes.

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{"id":23697791,"title":"What Makes A Burger Cost $250?","duration":"2:51","description":"The Indulgence Burger is so sophisticated it needs to be ordered a day in advance ","url":"/GMA/video/makes-burger-cost-250-23697791","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}