Henry Cavill on Pressures of Taking on Iconic 'Man of Steel'

"Man of Steel" actor discusses his reaction to learning he had landed role as superhero.
3:32 | 06/10/13

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Transcript for Henry Cavill on Pressures of Taking on Iconic 'Man of Steel'
This month marks the 75th anniversary of superman's first ever appearance on a comic book cover. Happy birthday to him. And on friday we will meet the revamped rebooted and perhaps thankfully resuited man of steel who's got a few surprises for us all. Take a look. What's that stand for. It's not an "s." On my world it means hope. Well, here it's an "s." How about -- sir. Just one of the many great choices made in a wonderful film, the man who I was just told on twitter stole the twitters. Now the man of steel henry cavill joins us. Hi there. It's really a question that need -- this is as iconic role arguably as america has and so you get that call. You at least have a healthy attitude toward what is now coming for you, I take it. Right, yeah, I'm just trying to -- I've done the work now. I'm not -- I'm trying to not dwell on the pressure because that's not going to help me anyway. It's not going to help the movie so, you know, we've done the work, put a lot of love into it and hopefully it will be liked as much as we liked making it. What was your relationship with superman as a boy. I wasn't a comic book reader but I knew of the movies and ran around the garden with a tee towel and beat my brothers up. As we see actually, we see your character has a young boy, I guess we were all out there at some point on the clothes line being a superhero. Exactly. The director said in an interview you clinched the role by passing what he called his lap test. He actually had you put on the suit that christopher reeve wore in 1978 and come out and in front of a group if nobody laughed you had moved in theory to the next level. What was that like. Mortifying. Was out of shape, not looking good by any means and had to put this spandex outfit on which you do not look good on. It leaves nothing to the imagination at all and I have to stand in front of a film crew and pretend to be cool with this thing on. I don't know how I got away with it but something must have happened. Mikan shannon was on last week. We were talking about this. What struck me, this is the ultimate adoption story. It humanizes not just superman but humanizes the boy he becomes on earth. How did you identify with that sense of loss and that sense of disconnect? Well, as an actor, you do live a very sort of lonesome life. A lot of it is just traveling and having to make new friends and trying to break yourself into new groups of people constantly. Once you build a temporary family. You say good-bye to them in four months and never hear from them. That's the thing that I wanted to put into this character. That sense of being kind of a watcher on the outside all the time. Asking the questions of why people are doing stuff so you can learn and, yeah, hopefully i pulled that off. You did. I got to tell you, it is as good a movie as I've seen in forever. It's fantastic. You can consider the franchise rebooted, henry, best of luck. Thank you so much. Seriously, thanks for coming.

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{"id":19364201,"title":"Henry Cavill on Pressures of Taking on Iconic 'Man of Steel'","duration":"3:32","description":"\"Man of Steel\" actor discusses his reaction to learning he had landed role as superhero.","url":"/GMA/video/man-steel-henry-cavill-interview-actor-pressures-taking-19364201","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}