'Man of Steel' Brings Focus to Superman's Home Planet

Michael Shannon discusses the edgy remake to superhero story as well as his role as General Zod.
3:05 | 06/04/13

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Transcript for 'Man of Steel' Brings Focus to Superman's Home Planet
Superman turns 75 but he in the new film of his origin have never been better. "Man of steel" opens and michael shannon plays general azad exiled from the planet krypton ultimately bound for earth. It'll all make sense in the end. Very objection sighted to have you here with us, michael. We saw it yesterday. Mind blowing so good. For richly accomplished actor for yourself I read when the director called you up to tell you got the part, you were still stunned when he made the call. Yeah, I was kind of a shock. I mean, certainly quite a promotion for me. I played some serge before and a lieutenant once, but general is a big jump up. Well, you were genetically engineered to do it. I want -- christopher nolan and zach were in charge of the story and really committed to the origin story. We spend a very significant very important part of time on the planet krypton. What do you think that does for the way the movie begins? Well, I think it's really important because I think ultimately superman is a story of a man torn between two civilizations, earth and krypton. And so the more richly you establish krypton, the bigger the conflict that superman endures. Speaking of the conflict they made an interesting choice to show you and jerel played by russell crowe, superman's father to show you two agreed on a fundamental point of what was happening to krypton and i really thought it imbued your character with a sense of motive and a sense of purpose and in this way rendered him l'eggs a villain I think than we might otherwise think. Eah, exactly. I think what superman 2, I love that terrence sam did as much as anybody but a lot of times you wonder why exactly is he so angry? Why does he want to kill all of us? And I think with this it gives you a context, you know, the thing to remember is that they're in a very catastrophic situation in krypton in the beginning of the movie. No time to think anymore. So a lot of rash decisions get made. Terrence playing general zod in superman 2. The preparation for this part, i mean it is an action movie and then some. You seem to be swinging, punching, diving in every scene. What was the preparation like to prepare? We started months before. Henry, russell, and myself started training with mark twipe who did the training on "300" so he's very accomplished in that regard and then with damon, who was the stunt guru he was teaching us all the moves. They said it would be a variety of a different kind of martial arts and trained for months and months. Fantastic movie. I think you're conflicted hero, might have been a different movie had they made it for the people of krypton. Michael shannon, it's going to be a huge success.

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{"id":19320355,"title":"'Man of Steel' Brings Focus to Superman's Home Planet","duration":"3:05","description":"Michael Shannon discusses the edgy remake to superhero story as well as his role as General Zod.","url":"/GMA/video/man-steel-michael-shannon-interview-general-zod-krypton-19320355","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}