Michael Brown 'Prophesized His Own Death,' Stepmom Says

Cal Brown says her stepson had visions of "bloody sheets hanging on a clothesline" days before being shot to death by a police officer.
3:19 | 08/25/14

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Transcript for Michael Brown 'Prophesized His Own Death,' Stepmom Says
I'm there might like three years ago. And he truly be -- my. This time. We spent so much tax again today just talking. About back he was truly curious about what -- hands off. About a month ago we both completed the first book of Genesis and -- -- This. Truly open. The weekend -- Mike was kill Allison is in the hospital. And my my colleagues on Tuesday and I was out for taste it and you talk to you. Thank you ask where I was in this news had that I -- after testing. And he's it would that I -- thousand. I want to say things in what was -- I don't think it can't economy. -- day gathers at any hung up the phone when I came back in the room she's been it was a -- And you see his son it's Netanyahu. And -- they won't let my -- -- -- he didn't want to share. He's in my mind saying he didn't think that you don't make me and I say there's -- all that -- see. He's in I don't know because -- -- the that -- that I was getting engaged sellers. Mike Mike. It was I want -- -- within moments certainly didn't -- these types. And he said hey my suitcase -- -- don't use it I'm done. -- want to talk to for a few days but I haven't been able to an exit. I think video of sick leave me in the -- it will last. She saved because I don't think that you points -- made. And I sale allowed it to say that might might he say because that means an imminent death -- -- pitches again he said -- The lady she's hanging on the blows -- And it's just it's truly touched my heart and when I went out there and I saw Mike might. That's exactly what he was laying abundant so -- pretty -- prophet -- his own dancing didn't even realize. The day in my in my graduating. We we went to the -- wasted in -- that you know. Outs so Lyons. And his entire talk was about that -- cannot feel like I. I am back I -- so much going in saddens me and I just I know that the world -- Sunday. -- know my name she said -- save the world. And I promise you. -- -- -- He wouldn't be in DC that -- night. Is also -- man I have to say it because I met him three years ago he was a boy but he evolved into a man of this man and -- She just wanted -- so much wanted to go to college he wanted to have a family he wanted to be at this spot plant that -- differently. And I'll make peace about it because he's not a also. His dad is not -- that I love you and I was -- supposedly -- -- but I know you'd say camp. We don't do -- case it's just games.

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{"id":25115502,"title":"Michael Brown 'Prophesized His Own Death,' Stepmom Says","duration":"3:19","description":"Cal Brown says her stepson had visions of \"bloody sheets hanging on a clothesline\" days before being shot to death by a police officer.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-brown-prophesized-his-death-stepmom-says-25115502","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}