Flood Warnings Across Midwest, Entire Town Evacuated

Sam Champion and Steve Osunsami report on severe weather hitting much of the country.
2:06 | 06/05/13

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Transcript for Flood Warnings Across Midwest, Entire Town Evacuated
weather hitting so much of the country. Flood warnings across the midwest with towns on the mississippi dealing with breached levees and sam here with more on that. The tropics first, george. This is the pending situation. The one that we'll watch for development very quickly. We've got about a 40% chance from the hurricane system. Join me at the wall. The pulsating circle of concern showing you where those clouds are. A couple things I want to point out when we look at this system, not developed into tropical strength of a storm and probably as they said 40% chance. Having a problem with this dry air. If you cut this in half and notice how dry this flow is coming from the west that's the problem. As it moves a bit more to the northeast in any form it will likely get better organized. The hope it doesn't organize too much and picks up speed. Either way it's about 3 to 10-feet waves up against the west coast of florida. Also 8 inches of rain possible from tampa all the way to jacksonville and the bull's-eye zone, 4 to 6 easily but as it continues the track this could be a lot heavier rain. To the eastern seaboard it will probably mix with a secondary low and that means friday into saturday it's going to be raining for the northeast if this forecast is accurate and again it means a lot as to whether or not there will be developing here. Anything could change the path of this. This is why we're watching it carefully. As we said at the top of the show, still this area of right now flooding going on from past rain, 20 inches in this area and steve osunsami is there, high, high water and levee problems. Good morning, steve. Reporter: Good morning, sam. The mississippi is just a few miles this way now and this is the missouri, both rivers are flooding. There are farmlands flooded. Homes that are flooded. Streets that are impassable. This is a beauty shop underwater. The water is receding but that heavy bulge of rain is now moving downstream. Authorities here are worried about two things, one, there's the chance of more rain, which doesn't help the situation here. Also, they're worried about two levees, bun breached yesterday and there's a chance another could breach today. If that happens they'll be forced to evacuate even more families from their homes.

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{"id":19328307,"title":"Flood Warnings Across Midwest, Entire Town Evacuated","duration":"2:06","description":"Sam Champion and Steve Osunsami report on severe weather hitting much of the country.","url":"/GMA/video/midwest-south-flood-warnings-west-alton-mississippi-evacuated-19328307","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}