Wrong Miss Florida Crowned Due to 'Tabulation Error'

Elizabeth Fetchel is the second state-level winner to be stripped of her crown this week after Miss Delaware was disqualified for being too old.
3:08 | 06/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wrong Miss Florida Crowned Due to 'Tabulation Error'
A major mixup at the miss Florida beauty pageant. The winner wearing the crown for less than a week now told she has to give it back. It turns out that somebody got the Numbers all wrong. And Marcy Gonzalez is here with the GE delawadetails. This is heartbreaks much. It is. And the state that hasn't held down the hanging Chads, another issue. And the young woman who thought she was moving on to the miss America pageant will be staying home. This, a life-changing moment for Elizabeth Te Elizabeth Fechtel, or so she thought. Six days in, her crown was taken away. The winner was actually Victoria Co. Hen. The organization explaining there was a tabulation error. Saying a judge made a change that was not caught until the points were each contestant were later reviewed. This is the worst nightmare in every pageant director's life. It's a lose/lose situation. Reporter: She's the second winner to be stripped of her crown this week. Amanda lawacres sash was taken away Tuesday. They made an oversight, not realizing she would turn 25 in October, making her a few months older than the title's age limit. The miss America organization saying in a statement, quote, we understand the impact that news of this type may have on these women and each of these state organizations and the great concern that goes with it. Whether your the auditor counting up the scores, or the administer processing the forms, you need to pay attention. It does impact these girl's self-este self-esteem, eligibility for scholarship, and sometimes their future career paths. Reporter: Miss Fechtel, is gracefully dealing with it, writing on her blog that a title does not define her. And now she feels surprisingly empowered. It's not just the title she loses, the thousands of dollars in first place scholarship money goes to Victoria Cohen instead. But in the Delaware mixup, both women keep the full nine grand normally just awarded to the winner. I can't believe you can't be 25. That's the age cutoff. I'm a grandma. Makes you wonder whether or not the Florida women could share the title too. Such a buzz kill. At least she's taking it in stride. She is. Only one miss Florida at the miss America pageant. She's handing it over gracefully. And the hanging Chads. And coming up on "Good morning America," the Bradley

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{"id":24347351,"title":"Wrong Miss Florida Crowned Due to 'Tabulation Error'","duration":"3:08","description":"Elizabeth Fetchel is the second state-level winner to be stripped of her crown this week after Miss Delaware was disqualified for being too old.","url":"/GMA/video/miss-florida-loses-crown-due-tabulation-error-24347351","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}