Oklahoma Deals With Flooding After Tornadoes

Ginger Zee, Alex Perez track the latest weather news.
5:11 | 06/02/13

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Transcript for Oklahoma Deals With Flooding After Tornadoes
Meanwhile Oklahoma. Not out of the woods this morning the death tolls from the latest twister outbreak stands eleven more than a hundred people got hurt. They're tornadoes are over but now this pulverized state is dealing with -- major flooding ABC's meteorologist -- -- once again leading our extreme team coverage this morning she is in El Reno. -- -- good morning. Hey good morning -- -- now from all of this devastation behind me -- headlines turned straight to that water because it does a lot of damage to and flooding not just from. Here in Oklahoma but up through parts of Missouri the Mississippi right along. A -- I want to see all of the states that are in flood warnings at this point river gauges that have reached major flood stage you can see all the dots -- -- represented them. So not only -- rubble behind us but of course all the water on top. -- -- this morning that there is widespread devastation even well beyond Oklahoma after Friday's storms -- -- across the midwest and plains. In glass steel and only a high school gymnasium trust. Like a bomb went off windows basket and -- black basketball. The -- runoff from above this Missouri neighborhood ripped apart by violent winds there's some some really really bad home destruction those homes are not say they need to stay out of the the damaged -- and I am the most terrifying images still from the Oklahoma City area. Where 48000. Remain without collar 200. Can't live in their homes and you just never think that this is gonna happen. You know to you as if the tornado wasn't enough. The storms brought flash floods that gnawed away at the -- entire communities displaced. Homes look like -- bobbing and at least four feet of water. Here's the top of my benefit in -- me. It's thirty -- -- here now that same system marching east bringing him. Record rainfall drown the roads in Paducah Kentucky this man using a bucket to clear his -- of water. Residents in Fort Wayne, Indiana forced to evacuate their water saturated homes. And around Saint Louis -- homes leveled by high winds and at least three confirmed tornadoes. Even though we are right here in Oklahoma and the weather -- much better I want to show you weather severe weather will be threatening today. You know how hot is that in the northeast and the humidity high well and is ready to erupt -- volatile weather possible. Right along that same cold front that did all the damage here but now the threat is in the northeast and a little pocket back in west Texas -- we don't -- -- forget about. The biggest threat -- sending out prior wind gusts are larger and some large -- could see an isolated tornado and there will be rain behind it. More folks die in flooding in every year than they do in the tornadoes and sometimes in hurricanes it's one of the top. Killers as far as weather goes and look who gets the rain the heaviest falling and the southeast back from rally into Chattanooga. And down along the Gulf Coast I'll be back with -- nation's weather but for now back to the -- -- NJ UN warned us yesterday that the flooding could be even deadlier than the actual storm itself all right we'll see you in just a few moments -- thanks. We'll for tornado tornado victims in Oklahoma it is a test of will as they struggle to clear away new damage on top of old. The Oklahoma City area has barely started recovering from a deadly EF five tornado when the latest round of twisters hit it's providing a challenge to -- resilient reputation. Let's go to ABC's Alex Perez who's in more with more Alex good morning. Good morning the other here in more it has been one thing on top of another it could be months before the cleanup is complete and it's what happened here during that first round of storms that. Created so much panic for so many during the second round of twisters. Battered but standing strong this morning parts of central Oklahoma cleaning up as the piles of debris and keep growing. -- it'll be okay. And will. Houses demolished split families thankful to be a -- Recent -- -- that stairway. And holding on to each other. Communities banding together to help those who lost everything to help has been an overwhelming -- has a big part here -- the images of that deadly twister unforgettable. Especially for those who tried desperately to escape. We thought it was my -- and when it really approaching you faster than get away from it. The new -- -- little frightened it's. Means followed by -- -- out -- way and they say on the radio like get out the cars get off the roads that worries us now. According to work through the night to rescue motorists stranded in their callers many fleeing with the deadly may twentieth twister in more. Still for a. This is. Too much too soon but we are expecting the same type of devastation and. Really didn't want to hang around for we wanted to leave and get out for many in this part of Oklahoma of the devastation from these storms has simply been too much for them to stick around. I had an I'm sorry Oklahoma. -- -- -- But then there are people like our friend Beverly -- who says she is Oklahoma strong and she will not let any tornado -- away from home.

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