Peter Travers Names Best and Worst Movies of the Year (So Far)

This week on "Popcorn with Peter Travers," Peter names the best and worst movies of the year so far!
9:46 | 07/05/13

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Transcript for Peter Travers Names Best and Worst Movies of the Year (So Far)
-- -- that is and lingering good. Intern -- ring yes bad. And -- bad the head. Really good both really good movies. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to this special edition of popcorn here at the -- -- those things where. Where -- Italian. We want the best movie war of the year so far this -- six -- and the worst ones and then we're giving -- some special -- -- come with me. OKV -- called popcorn because we kind of celebrate popcorn movies kind that you just go out -- have a good time watching. That's why -- bring my popcorn for that kind of movie. And what would those movies the first half of this year that he is these scores. Well to mean what about comic book -- I'm going with Mansfield I think despite the fact that the end is maybe a little too much. That Henry Campbell made a really good Superman. The fact that Christopher Nolan was involved many good much better than Iron Man three I don't care about people out -- that I'm and three -- state. Forget that I'm giving my popcorn bags. Two minutes to. Comedy comedy is a staple of movies I mean that's why we wanna go forget our troubles just leaned back in that seat -- enjoy. And to me the comedy of the year so far he's. Definitely this is the end this is Seth Rogen and his partner Evan Goldberg's debut as directors. They -- it there in it. They have all their friends it is from James Franco on all calling themselves by the same name and it's the end of the world -- monsters -- everything you can imagine. And I never laughed this much if any -- -- -- this year as I did this is the end. -- that was good things suspense suspense is -- a staple of popcorn movie. What really gets you on the edge of your seat at the movies. And the one that did that for me is world war -- this is Brad Pitt as a former UN and peace -- Stuck with the idea of the virus that has turned everybody touches into -- -- -- she's on the I thought this would be harmed. Word of batted in advance was that they had nothing but trouble. I don't care about those -- what happens on the screen is you don't see the zombies right away. The yield the suspense it's like jaws we didn't see that sharp right away -- mark job people who did what we're seeing you get. So I thought scifi is a terrific popcorn category that would kind of movie that you love to see because we wanna get lost -- fantasy. And the one that work for me so what this year -- start trekked into darkness. JJ Abrams everybody wondered whether he -- a -- -- -- -- did when he first -- Star Trek. Three years ago and he did it he's got exactly -- -- back -- spot he's got Chris timing is wonderful cast. I was lost in this movie you would be too so Star Trek into darkness gets much popcorn. Animation. It's a major category I think Pixar reinvented what animation could do and they've done it again in a movie called monsters university it's a prequel. Two monsters and where we thought Billy Crystal who voiced his character -- John Goodman. Try to scare children to death now they're young and they go back to school to learn how to scare people that that look -- the same thing but it's beautiful. I don't know how these animators have become the unsung heroes of Hollywood but they have. -- popcorn award for animation goes to take -- monsters university. All right people. What are the worst -- so far this year these are the things I have to suffer for you always say -- it glamorous job in a movie critic not at -- The garbage that I -- Did you see The Great Gatsby DGC have F. Scott Fitzgerald who wrote that novel should be turning in his grave over what Basil or amended to this -- -- That's after -- popcorn. -- There's a movie called the hangover part three we were already crushed by hangover part two all of the first 12 one was horrible can you believe it. Part three is worse than any -- it is just the worst sequel I needed size that's -- -- -- For bad for me the definition of a bad film maker is Michael -- -- -- that gave us the transformers trilogy. And then he said you know I'm gonna make it up to critics like Peter Travers I'm gonna make -- movie that's personal that's about me. And he turned out a piece of garbage called pain and gain with mark -- -- and the rock. These were his kind of people who has kind of people Florida personal trainers who steal from their clients and then try to murder. This is a personal movie from Michael Bay Michael Bay -- The worst. -- and it. All right number one worst movie of the year so far. How could it be anything but after earth. After her. Will Smith and his son -- Smith under the direction. And Night Shyamalan should never have made another movie after the six cents. This is site via the worst it's mystery at its worst it's expensive it's -- -- everything and it's worth it deserves this. Whole popcorn bags in the face after. All right we have now reached I think the crucial most important part of this show about the best. The first half of 2013. And that is my personal warts. What did I think -- so good in terms of performances and everything that I want. To reward these people. So best. Best actor so far this year to me is Matthew McCall -- date in mind. This is an actor people -- off that you say economy I -- didn't -- Kate Hudson movies I mean this -- nothing and -- in mud. He gives the kind of performance working with two child actors that make you think winners just guys you know my. He is on a roll like you can't believe so Mathieu coming get. Best actress here comes best actress and this one I'm giving to -- map. Four I think one of those performances that I never expected she could do in side effects of course she was. Making a huge debut last year in the girl with the dragon tattoo and got an Oscar nomination. But inside -- directed by Steven Soderbergh and legitimately his last feature found. She -- somebody we don't know who she is she's got secrets all kinds of things are happening with. She's fascinating and Rooney Mara you win my award. Best supporting actor who he's going to win that award well I'm giving that want to Chris because -- so that is in the set fires. Where he plays the manager. A group of singers in the count. And does everything that we see him do when he comedy -- remember him from bridesmaids but here he's -- -- He's funny. He's everything and I think Chris of that is somebody we're going to be seen year after year and I -- -- happy about that. So Chris you have my award as this -- Best supporting actress who was that going today. And I'm -- Rosario Dawson and Danny boils trance this was a movie that never got the attention it deserves. Secretive. And seductive. Everything about Rosario Dawson in this -- thing happens. What is she really. -- really is she after her from these other characters in the movie you don't know until you see the movie. This is the kind of performance that -- -- career. Backward -- it's kind of breakthrough. It's the biggest trophies that and she seizes it and walks away with -- so Rosario Dawson. Coming. Best director who was the best director this year and I'm choosing a woman -- actor Sarah Polley. Who directed a movie that seems like a documentary called stories we now but is actually something else about her own life. Just continuously. In -- and actress turned director any shame everybody else. See this movie. And understand how good -- Here's the big -- The best picture of 2013. So far what is it. To me it's no contest it is definitely before midnight. Directed by Richard week later and starring Ethan Hawke and -- doubt this is the only movie so far this year I gave -- stars to. I just think it's a love story beyond belief that goes way beyond romance. It has -- it has humor it has everything it's the third part of a trilogy. I can accept that -- Tony trilogy I want Ethan Hawke and Julie Duffy to keep telling this story because it's that good. If you haven't seen it you're making a mistake and let. Before midnight. About to show right in this theater so.

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{"id":19586983,"title":"Peter Travers Names Best and Worst Movies of the Year (So Far)","duration":"9:46","description":"This week on \"Popcorn with Peter Travers,\" Peter names the best and worst movies of the year so far!","url":"/GMA/video/peter-travers-names-best-worst-movies-year-19586983","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}