Philadelphia Building Collapse: Rescue Over, Questions Remain

Cleanup is underway as investigators begin to piece together what caused building's collapse.
2:06 | 06/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Philadelphia Building Collapse: Rescue Over, Questions Remain
Now the latest on the building collapse in downtown philadelphia. The search and rescue operation is now over. The massive cleanup is under way and now big questions about how it happened in the first place. Abc's ron claiborne has me on that. The whole building just collapsed. Reporter: This morning the investigation into how this could happen is intensifying. What happened? How did it happen? What was going on with the contractor, what about the operator? What kind of practice and procedures were they using? Reporter: There is now mounting criticism of the company hired to demolish the four-story building. Its workers seen at the building just last sunday. Abc news has learned that construction workers at another project just across the street were alarmed when they saw the freestanding wall just before it collapsed wednesday morning. There was no block, no bracing, nothing holding it up. It was just kind of standing there blowing in the breeze. Reporter: They said the workers who they watched for a week allegedly didn't appear well trained. They didn't even wear hard hats for their own protection. Abc news also learn there is no record the construction company ever filed the final papers required by the city to begin the demolition, so city inspectors never visited the site. We did not follow up and we're definitely looking into that. Reporter: We also spoke to demolition experts who said the work should never have taken place right next door to an open store because of the instability of the unbraced wall. People in that building during the demolition. Reporter: Six people were killed when that west wall gave way. Overnight griffin campbell could not be reached for comment. But the associated press reached campbell's daughter who said her father was devastated and mourning the victims of that building collapse. Meanwhile, abc news has learned that campbell has two criminal convictions, one for an insurance fraud and also for theft and city building inspectors visited four sites where work is going on by his company and they say two of them had violations, robin, and they shut work down at those two sites.

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{"id":19346287,"title":"Philadelphia Building Collapse: Rescue Over, Questions Remain","duration":"2:06","description":"Cleanup is underway as investigators begin to piece together what caused building's collapse.","url":"/GMA/video/philadelphia-building-collapse-search-rescue-investigation-begins-collapse-19346287","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}