Keira Knightley Lives on $50K

A-list star reveals why she chooses to live thrifty.
0:29 | 06/20/14

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Transcript for Keira Knightley Lives on $50K
-- is one of the biggest movie stars in the world vision surely not sort of a -- but it turned out she gives herself an allowance of just 50000 dollars a year. The armies of compassion to Glamour Magazine saying she believes that leading -- That lifestyle would alienate her from people who don't -- movie -- salary he says some of her best times have been in the leaflet curious places meet you here.

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{"id":24237189,"title":"Keira Knightley Lives on $50K","duration":"0:29","description":"A-list star reveals why she chooses to live thrifty.","url":"/GMA/video/pop-news-keira-knightley-lives-50k-24237189","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}