Rough Weather Continues for End of Holiday Travel

Ice storms and heavy rain bog down travel throughout the country as the long holiday weekend comes to an end.
2:14 | 11/29/15

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Transcript for Rough Weather Continues for End of Holiday Travel
Millions of people will be on the move today, heading home after the long holiday weekend. For many, the driving will be dicey because of ice and flooding. And Philip Mena has more this morning. Reporter: Good morning. It's been a busy weekend for emergency crews across several states in this region. But here in the Oklahoma City area, trees snapping after the ice. Power poll has fallen over to a power line. This morning, 80,000 people still without power. Central Oklahoma, one of the hardest hit by this storm. Cased in up to one inch of accumulated ice over three days. That ice bringing down massive trees, crushing cars, smashing through homes. Power poles, too, snapped in half. Downed lines shutting down interstate 40, stranding drivers for hours. Neighborhood after neighborhood, left in the dark. As sparking lines were ripped down under the weight. This morning, nearly 80,000 residents still without power. Across the central plains, the ice and rain wreaking havoc on millions of families hitting the road to drive home after the holidays. Last night, this semitruck skidded off the road after slamming into an outback steak house. Three days of dangerous weather being blamed for at least 14 deaths, 8 of them in Texas. This man rescued by swift-water teams after his truck began to taking on rushing water. Parts of the state hit with as much as eight inches of rain, forcing homeowners to flee. This Garland golf course wiped out and a popular vacation spot now under the lake. This morning, residents across the region are left picking up the pieces and recovering after this storm. Phillip, thank you. A huge travel day especially at

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{"id":35470942,"title":"Rough Weather Continues for End of Holiday Travel","duration":"2:14","description":"Ice storms and heavy rain bog down travel throughout the country as the long holiday weekend comes to an end.","url":"/GMA/video/rough-weather-continues-end-holiday-travel-35470942","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}