Ryan Ferguson's First Thanksgiving as Free Man

Man wrongfully convicted of murder in 2004 celebrates his first Thanksgiving at home in nearly a decade.
3:00 | 11/28/13

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Transcript for Ryan Ferguson's First Thanksgiving as Free Man
truly special thanksgiving. You remember ryan ferguson, the missouri man who was wrongfully convicted of murder back in 2004. Recently, released from prison. In fact, earlier this month. He is now spending his first holiday at home in a decade. And, dan, you have much more on how this man, at long last, is managing to put his whole life back together. A fascinating transition. We're getting a look into it this morning. Ryan ferguson is waking up at home with his family and his new girlfriend. He's letting us into his new life with a series of intimate pictures on his facebook page. This is how I knew it was done. Reporter: After nearly a decade behind bars, ryan ferguson is finally enjoying the taste of freedom. When they took the shackles off of me and I was able to hug my mother, that second, I knew. And it was incredible. Reporter: Wrongly convicted of a murder he always maintained he did not commit, the 29-YEAR-OLD IS RELIVING HIS 20s, With his family, friends and his new girlfriend, mika. The two began dating while ryan was still in prison, when she sent him a letter after seeing his story on television. A childhooriend tells "the daily mail" newspaper that people close to ferguson were skeptical at first. But they're now big supporters of the relationship. Ferguson's facebook page has gone from free ryan, to freed ryan. And is now a chronicle of his life on the outside. What's next on your bucket list? I don't know. I need to just take care of the little things in life. Get i.D. Get some clothes. I'm literally starting life with nothing. Other than, you know, obviously an amazing family, which is everything. Reporter: Now, he's doing just that. Driver's license, check. Learning how to use his new iphone, check. Even, as ryan says of this picture, spending time back in court. The basketball court. Ferguson's nightmare began in 2003, when he and a friend, charles erickson, were both accused of murdering sports journalist ken heitholt. Erickson said they committed the crime together for drinking money. I looked up. And ryan was over the victim. Reporter: Ferguson was convicted and sentenced to 40 years. But years later, erickson recanted and admitted he lied in his testimony against ferguson. But an appeals court overturned ferguson's conviction. ON NOVEMBER 12th, HE WAS FREED From prison for good. I'm happier for my parents than I am for me. They had to deal with so much. One more tidbit here. A decade ago, ryan and his dad went hiking in yosemite park. They bought two cigars. They smoked one after they got down from the summit. They planned to smoke the second one, but ryan was arrested. Today, they will smoke that

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{"id":21040362,"title":"Ryan Ferguson's First Thanksgiving as Free Man","duration":"3:00","description":"Man wrongfully convicted of murder in 2004 celebrates his first Thanksgiving at home in nearly a decade.","url":"/GMA/video/ryan-ferguson-freed-jail-thanksgiving-free-man-21040362","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}