Sabine Lisicki Advances to Wimbeldon Finals

German tennis player who beat Serena Williams early on, could win entire tournament.
2:48 | 07/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sabine Lisicki Advances to Wimbeldon Finals
And that -- excitement surrounding today's Wimbledon women's finals featuring two players who have never won a Grand Slam title and neither is a household name. But one could soon be after upsetting defending champ Serena Williams and become the darling of tennis -- ESPN's sports center anchor our sister network when these aren't yet. Joins us with this story great to see you in great to see -- that's looks like she's having so much fun playing we're talking about -- thinking she is 23 she's got a -- of confidence. She is allergic to grass the serve -- going to be playing on today at Wimbledon she says that is no problem thanks to medication. Her emotional reactions to her success so far in this tournament had been priceless so now she is just one win away from reaching a childhood dream. Ends Tuesday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He moves in. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm she's such a tough opponent then you know he's just. Amazing feeling to in this -- she's beautiful and it girl in a tournament that's been marked by big name players being knocked from -- drones by relative unknown. And as a fresh new face. And we've seen Serena and Venus -- share of -- but the top for so long and they've been wonderful wonderful champions but -- it's time to have some new blood. The new blood is 23 years old and she only went pro six short years ago. As a child was sick he was coached by her father driving her across Europe for turning means because the family couldn't afford -- sometimes even having to withdraw. But she is living proof that passion -- -- support count for everything. My dad has split from eight. Sit in the morning -- -- in the evening to make possible team. So I can -- tenants the love -- that game just gives me believed to overcome anything in the dreams can come true. As a little girl he never know what's going to happen and there's always a dream to. Planned the -- -- -- and when the internment. This year. She -- very well win Wimbledon she's reached the finals she seems to have the whole package both personality wise thinking minds. Sabena has shown that she will not back down on tennis -- biggest stage proving that by rallying back to be overwhelming favorite Serena Williams. In the fourth round and then using that company -- To make it into the final she says she just truly believes that she will win when she walks out there McLaren braking here and her parents yeah -- newspaper -- America. I think to have you here Andy thank you. And you can catch the Wimbledon women's final on our sister network ESPN starting at 9 eastern this morning course -- being -- take on Marion.

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{"id":19593941,"title":"Sabine Lisicki Advances to Wimbeldon Finals","duration":"2:48","description":"German tennis player who beat Serena Williams early on, could win entire tournament.","url":"/GMA/video/sabine-lisicki-advances-wimbeldon-finals-19593941","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}