Seth MacFarlane, Emma Stone Discuss Oscar Nominations

Host Seth MacFarlane and actress Emma Stone weigh in on the nominees and anticipation for the big night.
3:00 | 01/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Seth MacFarlane, Emma Stone Discuss Oscar Nominations
Joining us right now this year's Academy Awards -- -- McFarland and -- slots are. Analysts don't good morning to you but I know it's -- Good morning here really aren't -- -- we are so excited I want to ask you -- first what do you make of this field of nominees and our age your brain charity turning -- material now that you know the names. Yeah my my brain is always turning would materialize I never sleep I noticed this is -- this is that this is you know for -- nice to have an Oscars where you don't really know. Would actually went you know it's it's it's it's actually contents were doing everything I steal Lincoln's top standing -- future. Time -- so we the first guy ever to do Lincoln. And I want to ask you about two women that you worked with Jessica -- staying nominated for zero dark thirty and Sally Field. Who you -- -- -- on the amazing Spider-Man also nominated this morning it's got -- feel good brio. It's pretty great -- their -- really wonderful women sound that's always exciting. Any surprises for you to help. You know my car got -- the. Yeah. Kentucky was really is present but. If -- in what seemed like -- -- zone and yet the yeah yeah now -- as it was who was righted the ship. Celebrate you -- -- -- -- but big morning for you not only. Are you hosting the you're also -- nominee congratulations. Yeah. That was that was a surprise actually I didn't think there was any chance to that would that I -- Q and balanced -- And that whenever you start in something and I would I would really started coming in the trailer tennis Academy Award nominee tonight I'm. -- that's how obnoxious. So yeah. Look at -- the time but fantastic it's a great honor I want to ask you I mean your filling some terrific shoes and that is a big honor to host how far into the preparations -- You don't we're we're we're pretty underway we're pretty under way I can't get a -- giving you any specifics but there's there's we've got a lot of work so far there's still a fair amount of work to come but we're we're we're doing we're under his feet. Can you give us any secret. A little smidgen of what you -- Have for us what is the Seth MacFarlane. -- near it looked like. You're gonna present some Oscars -- 33 words bush and the -- Jeremy Buscemi. I want to thank looking guys it's a really big morning I know it's very early out there in Los Angeles that we wish you the -- -- you -- hosting an analog and -- legal limit my gangster squad in all of your success. You are just my amazingly alike environments. And everybody things -- the seal off soon.

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{"id":18179495,"title":"Seth MacFarlane, Emma Stone Discuss Oscar Nominations","duration":"3:00","description":"Host Seth MacFarlane and actress Emma Stone weigh in on the nominees and anticipation for the big night.","url":"/GMA/video/seth-macfarlane-emma-stone-discuss-oscar-nominations-18179495","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}