Woman Swims With Sharks in Perfect Harmony

The woman can hold her breath for six minutes while swimming with the predators.
2:00 | 02/18/13

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Transcript for Woman Swims With Sharks in Perfect Harmony
Young woman being called the shark whisper a fearless. Daredevil who -- with. Great whites for some unknown reason ABC's nick -- has her remarkable story. -- Mode yes you really are seeing what you think you've seen a great white shark the most feared he -- -- -- Philip. And the human -- air tanks. -- -- -- -- I understand that -- is dangerous it is a wild animal. Ocean Ramsey is Hawaiian model slash -- you can hold your breath underwater for five minutes 45 seconds. She means business. Converted horse whisperer the good old -- Everybody even the eagle whispered the solution Ramsey to Charlotte. Whispered -- actually cautious and confident that calculated. You know. Misunderstood in this institute has their ravenous you know -- -- -- machines and that's not -- California just this week declared -- great white an endangered species experts estimate their only 339. Left along the Pacific coast. But ever since -- hard to generate sympathy for these killing machines. That's why ocean Ramsey and the guide youth build these extraordinary. Scenes are driven to such -- tool to extreme. The biggest -- -- mean it -- -- a shot hears this you know like beautiful. Shark in this -- -- sending along -- -- perfect harmony with each other it's really -- in this guy and -- -- Actually. Have a great life sending -- here right next via. It's very fast thinking. Yep we'll just take your word that edition. We'll just take your word yeah. Good Morning America in the -- ABC news -- Los Angeles. Well sat to act and product -- up.

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{"id":18528741,"title":"Woman Swims With Sharks in Perfect Harmony","duration":"2:00","description":"The woman can hold her breath for six minutes while swimming with the predators. ","url":"/GMA/video/shark-whisperer-woman-swims-great-whites-perfect-harmony-18528741","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}