Sheryl Sandberg 'Leans In' on High School Students

Facebook executive takes her message directly to recent graduates.
3:00 | 06/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sheryl Sandberg 'Leans In' on High School Students
How women can lean in -- family and career and now Sheryl Sandberg a separate FaceBook executive is taking her message. Directly to high school graduates -- she sat down for a revealing interview with ABC's Rebecca Jarvis. You'll never know what you're capable out unless -- -- It's a simple question what would you do if you were -- -- and the seal all of FaceBook Sheryl Sandberg author of bestselling book -- and wants young women to ask themselves. I would actually do a lot. Alison it. Basement -- morning class or of course the voice my opinion more and not be intimidated a number of people. Sandberg -- the lesson with sequoia high school remembering her own graduation in Miami you will look at the same pictures and say that my -- what do we hear. And called on these students to be the -- in generation meeting with some before the main events. The goal is not to be the most like we probably aren't imitated either. -- -- Sam -- asked how many of the teens had been called -- every hand in the room shot up. The anomalies and don't dictated. The other carrying. But as they got older I can understand the difference between being bossy -- just wasting my opinion Sandberg wants young women to know that six sets can be measured in many ways. Would you call yourself successful -- -- So. I -- a whole -- saying that women need to be comfortable with -- fast. And I still feel uncomfortable calling myself successful you can call yourself -- -- that is the challenge I am leaning in and I little -- -- success but also trying to help women out there. There. -- graduation she acknowledged how challenging activity -- multiple reasons I learned that many of you have ever come real challenges to get here. Worry daily about immigration status based on a lot of so desperately. Need to change for all of you but -- -- call her biggest piece of advice that connects. With my congratulations. To you. Ask yourself this what we can do if you -- Frey. -- -- -- -- -- -- From small wishes to big dreams I hope for this generation of leaders. -- Good Morning America Rebecca Jarvis ABC news redwood city California. So many women and men in this country still talking about the Celine and movement her book -- -- -- number one your time canceling runs and leaning in for now.

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{"id":19354591,"title":"Sheryl Sandberg 'Leans In' on High School Students ","duration":"3:00","description":"Facebook executive takes her message directly to recent graduates.","url":"/GMA/video/sheryl-sandberg-leans-high-school-students-19354591","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}