Sirs in the City: Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart on Broadway and Around NYC

The British actors have leading roles in two plays and show up at impromptu locations via Twitter.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sirs in the City: Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart on Broadway and Around NYC
Welcome to power players I'm John Donvan. -- -- -- -- You probably recognize him as the captain of the enterprise. And and him you know doubt know has the wizard of middle earth. But now these two seasoned actors are together. Performing in front of audiences nightly not just in one play but in two alternately -- it's classic waiting for good -- -- -- -- -- And Harold painters no man's land slide covered -- own. Her three cooperatives -- -- eventually -- Having to know both of these places perform and -- -- termination. Did they get mixed up with each other send an enormous challenge. If it's impossible -- if you're a teacher or you're teaching geography. From to answer them love them but to -- -- -- teach -- he would have gotten mixed up the difference here in new York and you've been very visible. Has Tenet to British folks around the city with a look you know that Twitter pictures and -- And I know where -- -- -- -- I have to correct you in fact go indeed arrived in New York about three weeks ago. And they've been having the most wonderful time I they would've been witnessed today except that I think they're doing the circle line. But I think who love New York everything about it and welcome that they received -- interest that people are taking. In that time here in Manhattan. It's just -- for them time of their lives and so are these two guys. Vote their -- groups of. Publicists and compete -- Mr. responsive. These is that through jerk approach an awesome book that they're your own and that is that and these -- shares -- -- doing. A Broadway production. It's for new Euro has put New Yorkers amendment -- bit processor. I hadn't been disclosed to stressed out by showing them what we wanted to acquire in this area. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No good -- these trees was coming up with these we'll -- ideas what I have to give some credit at this point to my wife because the original idea of -- and did you do NYC. Was Harris. We were in a Mexican restaurant and several -- later it to become what it is now. We we have jointly. Come up with -- ideas just trash. Back photo we weren't in our car driving from one location to another he -- he and -- the trash bags and -- quick stop here we literally stopped and held up traffic. Jumped out into the front -- -- the -- and was back in the car. When people was still think -- Isn't recognize this -- we now. Shame -- cellphones. What must on this occasion is is that -- -- ourselves. Not been imposed upon us and been doing it because we want to do. And that's -- in this surprises this is sort of sense but it really we're here because who want to did the -- of view I mean you're you're you're at this -- in your careers where your faces walking down the street it's publicity and not me he'd get short amount of time but the speakers as soon. -- -- -- -- if if if you're running out your focus on fundamental I I don't -- and look at if people come out of me want to say thank you for. Your work in the cost -- -- -- from the -- big night for. That -- -- from a five I don't get -- Or. As a weapons charges -- a rather impressive amounts to management. People. Treatment in some respects you see in the city both of you for since the sixties you've been coming over working on Broadway -- -- -- New York change a lot in that time. -- -- -- -- -- This used to the -- -- Times Square. Centrum new it's it's everywhere. Was to -- afford to live but it's a great -- but it's astonishing amounts 67 -- first presidential -- organisms stature. Georgia and current and and -- struck suddenly drew pictures and drew lots of them numbers. Some of them. For those literally true. Yeah structure that it was because the wild west and -- UP -- for his second street. Monitored -- if you want to drugs or some. For a -- diseases -- works -- man. Some. Team. When I first and New York on what was then called the new -- which is on 41. Street. And so far four month season for -- for the second street. -- way. Times Square. What's our world. If -- unrecognizable. Now from heart -- -- watchers are constant as is is that New York defines itself. As assistant town justices. -- -- -- The ordinances and -- constitute an in my experience for the -- -- has -- incumbent. There are more enthusiastic about going out and I'm enjoying themselves in front of live performs. The -- house in the world gentlemen thank you very much. That's all the time we have on power players today for ABC news and for Yahoo! News I'm John Donvan. Follow me on Twitter at John Donvan. Thanks for watching.

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{"id":21294431,"title":"Sirs in the City: Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart on Broadway and Around NYC","duration":"3:00","description":"The British actors have leading roles in two plays and show up at impromptu locations via Twitter.","url":"/GMA/video/sirs-city-ian-mckellen-patrick-stewart-broadway-york-21294431","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}