Will Smith Teaches Jaden How to Run Like a Movie Star

The famous father-son duo star in summer action movie "After Earth."
6:57 | 05/31/13

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Transcript for Will Smith Teaches Jaden How to Run Like a Movie Star
Burning up our heat index, superstars, will smith and his son, jaden. a new sci-fi epic, it proves talent and having the it factor definitely runs in the family. The big premiere this week brouout stars, the fans, entire family. Will and jaden play a father and son fighting for survival after crash landing on a dangerous planet earth 1,000 years into the future. Shall we take a look? Want to see it? Yeah. Control yourself, cadet! Stand down. Get away! Let's give a proper welcome to will and jaden smiths. guys, I had the pleasure watching this last night. It's intense. It is thrilling. It is all that, as we say and a bag of chips. And a bag of chips. And that scene we saw right there, you are running for your life. Yeah. I heard -- you taught him how you run in a movie? We were talking about that. It's -- you know, running is really important in movies, you know, if people -- you run the wrong way. If you don't look right when you are running it don't seem like you can save the world. So yeah, we worked really hard, getting that usain bolt look. Yes. You were fantastic. Thank you. You are fantastic. You are on screen a lot. He is your dad and your commander in the movie. He's your dad and an actor in the movie. Does it sometimes get confusing who's the actor and who's the dad. No. He has to do everything at the same time. So he doesn't switch and forth between two different people or four different people, because you have so many different roles. So he's kind of the same as we are at home, when he's on the set. Loving and caring. Right? Yeah. And smart, too. And smart. Thank you. Thanks, son. The cue card is right here. Yeah. Make sure you get your lines right. No, a lot has been said about you and your sister and how well you have done and how well you and jada have done with them. In the movie, like always, the first one you did together has a message, the father son message. And you are unable to go out, he, your son, has to go out and save you and save each other. How is that, when you see him as your son, he's going out and forging his own life in movies. That's what I love about this script. It really is, science fiction, action, you know, you get all of that summer blockbuster stuff. But really at the hearts of it is really a father and son story. It's a parenting story. You know. It's really an extreme world. But the idea of a father who is used to being a commander, used to being in control, in charge, and is injured and has to let his child go into the dangerous world. You know. It's really similar to real life and real life parenting. You know, for jaden and i, you know, this business can be really rough. And almost as dangerous as them chimps in that video. You know. So it really is a scary, a scary proposition. You had a great example with your dad and your mom. And so how do you find -- because you know, a lot of people know you for you. Yes. They know you -- they don't know your dad. The people that follow you. So how do you forge your own way? Make your own way? You know, I really just try to put the most amazing stuff in all my creativity out to the world. I really try to do me, and really what I want to do and please myself instead of trying to please other people. I feel people will gravitate toward you once you are truthful with your art and you aren't doing it just to get noticed but put something amazing out in the world. Being authentic. We saw you from the get-go, your beautiful wife put facebook pictures out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It was you and you were just born, jaden. Really? Oh, wow. Jaden. And she wrote before will and jaden starred in after earth. They starred in daddy trying to figure it out. Yeah. Yeah. What were you trying to figure out then? And what have you figuredout? Listen, every time I look at the picture, I was looking like, what am I going to do with this thing? You know. And it's like -- parenting is hit or miss. And it's experimental. You know. So for me,'s a deep uncertainty, that I carry around, with my kids. And I just try to teach them everything that I know and love them as hard as I can love them. And hope for the best. You and jada are doing it. You guys are in new york magazine on the cover. Yeah. Great picture. You also show a family trait. Yeah. He got the family ears for sure. Definitely. Sorry about that, son. Sorry about that. Cool. But it goes with the territory. Yes. And also, you guys had a lot of fun being all around the world and promoting this, you were in london busting a move. You were going old school. Oh, yeah. Are there any moves that you teach your dad? He's always doing the carlton. Do you have any moves you show him? I can't do that. I try sometimes. But he's just like, why? Why? I'm saying -- he has his moves. I have my moves, that are tried and true. And people know them. And when I do them, it works. Yeah. You know. Can't blame him. I'm not messing with that one. What's that thing? Right here. Keep it right here. Six inches from my waist. Don't go too far this way. You are just holding out. Because I know, you should have seen them in the commercial break. Jaden, thanks so much. Thank you. Will, thank you. Just keep doing what you are doing. And after earth opens nationwide in theaters today. Right now.

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{"id":19295284,"title":"Will Smith Teaches Jaden How to Run Like a Movie Star","duration":"6:57","description":"The famous father-son duo star in summer action movie \"After Earth.\"","url":"/GMA/video/smith-jaden-interview-2013-earth-actor-teaches-son-19295284","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}