David Wise on Gold Medal Win and Family

Winner of the Ski halfpipe gold talks to 'GMA' about being a dad and how his family cheered for him.
3:00 | 02/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for David Wise on Gold Medal Win and Family
We have another incredible olympic champion with us, David wise, winner of the gold medal in men's freestyle skiing halfpipe, killed it on the slopes but he considers himself a dad and a husband first then a freestyle -- Yes. Just one of the great humans and a gold medalist to boot. Wonderful to have you with us, David. We've all voted that you should be on the wheatie box. You personify what it is to be an olympian. How are you able to see your family and your loved ones at the base? Well, you know, it was pretty bright out there. We had the giant lights on so we could see -- I actually wasn't having any trouble with visibility. The only trouble I was having was with speed because the packed snow -- my-made a cutout of my daughter's face so the first thing I saw at the bottom was this cutout of my daughter cheering for me so that was pretty cool. A little cutout. That was a big cutout. It was wonderful. Yeah. Has she started to skate yet, David? Yeah, well, we took her out once last year and I think we kind of jumped the gun a little bit because she did not like those ski boots with we first put them on but we took her out a couple times this year and she actually can ski on her own now. Still a little sketchy on the speed control thing but she's getting better and better and she is enjoying herself. My favorite move, snowplow, snowplow when you're going down. Hey, so -- Yeah. The good luck charm. There's no French fries. Did you bring what your wife gave you, the little stone? Oh, can we see it. Oh, yeah. Yeah, there it is. This is my little good luck charm from my wife. And tell us a little bit about it. Yes, so I started this tradition where I bring her -- I bring her home a heart-shaped rock from the road when I'm traveling without her just to let her know I'm always thinking of her and just, you know, it's a little sappy romantic thing that we do together and then so she brought me a little piece of home from Reno, my hometown and something I could carry with me to kind of feel like not only was my family there supporting me but Reno was, as well so it was pretty cool. Well, we support you. You are a blessing to so many and thank you, David, thank you.

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{"id":22597703,"title":"David Wise on Gold Medal Win and Family","duration":"3:00","description":"Winner of the Ski halfpipe gold talks to 'GMA' about being a dad and how his family cheered for him.","url":"/GMA/video/sochi-winter-olympics-2014-halfpipe-skiier-david-wise-22597703","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}