Southern California Inundated With Wildfires

Thousands of acres scorched as residents and firefighters continue to fight the fires.
5:20 | 05/17/14

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Transcript for Southern California Inundated With Wildfires
I don't know what he's wearing. Let's get to the very latest on those roaring wildfires. Seven major ones burning southern California this morning, scorching thousands of acres, causing millions of dollars in damage. The firefight is still from over. B bazi kanani has more. Residents aren't allowed. This is what some will find when they do. So far, the fires in San Diego county have caused at least $20 million in danger and the fire season is just getting started. The towers of dark smoke, a signal to nervous residents that the battle in San Diego county is not over. Up close -- flames rage as the thousands of firefighters who rushed in across the state worked to beat them back. Taking on nine fires this week in just this one county. More than 20,000 Akers in these hills scorched. One person dead. 11 homes gone. Marine Corps landing aircraft. The military families at camp Pendleton on Friday joining 26,000 forced to evacuate. Hopefully, we come back to a house in one piece and not burnt down. Reporter: The hope of so many, as cooler weather and calming winds allow firefighters to get the upper hand, more residents are now being allowed to return home. They saved the house, that's amazing. Reporter: A close call in this case, a house damaged but still standing. Not everyone is so lucky. It's just devastation. It's irreplaceable. Reporter: He was not able to halt the blaze heading towards his home. It was too late, it jumped straight in. Reporter: In this neighborhood, a stark contrast a home owner who had good clearance around the home and over here, right next door, a home owner who didn't, the entire home destroyed. Fire officials are now pleading with all californians to think fire prevention after this early start to a threatening season. Investigators are looking to arson as the possible cause of some of the fires here. They do know the cause of one of the fires, by sparks from construction equipment. Dan? All right, bazi, thank you. A drive through hell, incredible video shot from inside a car through the worst fires roaring through Charles bad. I was on the driver's side. I could feel the heat coming through the passenger side and that's obviously where he was filming. The heat was just incredible I remember looking down here and seeing the flames, you know, it must have been 15 feet high. There was only one out. It wasn't going back. We have a median on our left. You saw what was going on our right. The sound from the flames to me it's like a roar of a lion, I mean, you wouldn't think fire would make that sound. Right down that road, you had the idea of what we were about to drive through. There it is right there. We came right here, this is where -- you started to feel the heat right about it, you could see it. It was fully up to the road at this point. We were kind of in a once in a lifetime position. We wanted to check out something that wasn't going to be a huge magnitude. Wreaking havoc for that entire city, incredible video. This is why they tell people to stay away from the fires. Cooler temperatures are helping firefighters, but will the weather continue to cooperate. Eric martin has the latest. The good news, we have cooler temperatures in store, we have onshore flow, much cooler temperatures than the past couple of days. The high in Los Angeles today is 82. We're seeing calming winds. More importantly, these gusts have a lot of associated moisture, so not as dry, so temperatures 10 to 20 degrees cooler for the next couple of days. We're trending much better. Again, we have the cooler temperatures. Escondido tracking cooler weather. 77 on Monday. Now coming up I do have your national forecast, meantime, Dan, back to you. Thank you. I know very much looking toward this big break in California. Breaking story overnight,

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{"id":23761655,"title":"Southern California Inundated With Wildfires","duration":"5:20","description":"Thousands of acres scorched as residents and firefighters continue to fight the fires.","url":"/GMA/video/southern-california-inundated-wildfires-23761655","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}