Springtime, and your allergies, are coming early this year

Dr. Richard Besser appears live on "GMA" to show where pollen counts have soared across the country and how you can jump-start your allergy relief.
3:00 | 02/22/17

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Transcript for Springtime, and your allergies, are coming early this year
warming up, the trees already blooming in some places much earlier than usual. Pollen counts are way up and so many people are already starting to sneeze and deal with those allergies. Our chief health and medical editor Dr. Richard Besser will break it down for us. Monday the pollen count in Atlanta was over a thousand. This time last year was 29. Yeah, it's absolutely incredible. Let me show you what's going on around the country. It looks like a weather map. This is a pollen map. What you can see normally all green with very little activity. This is looking at tree pollen and you can see here in the south, look at these dark colors, very high levels, and it's not just the south. It extends all the way up into the north. Areas that would normally be under snow and ice and pollen not active are seeing rain leading to mold and trees are blooming. It is a horrible allergy season. If it's starting earlier will it end earlier? I wish I could say that's the case. Longer means longer. So earlier means longer and not only that, with climate change we're seeing slightly higher levels of CO2 and that's causing plants to put out higher levels of pollen so it's longer and higher levels. So, rich, help people already suffering. If you had a treatment that worked for you last year, you want to refill those medications right now. If it didn't work see your doctor and they can help you. Own the counter what's recommended is nasal steroids, little spray once a day and that can help prevent your symptoms. It calms down your immune system. Over the counter antihistamines are really good if you don't need them every day because they can make you sleepy and something else a lot of people get benefit from and it's a net pot and what it does -- You're not going to demonstrate that, are you? I'm not exactly going to do it. Okay, good. A net pot is used to wash the pollen out of your nasal passages and an ancient approach. It's very effective. It's very effective. You want to use distilled water or boiled and cooled water. You want to follow the instructions in terms of how much salt to add to that water so it's more gentle for you and use it, use it, you know, twice a day if that's effective for you and really just rinsing out nasal passages. It doesn't look pretty. In the privacy of your own bathroom not on national television. If you want to prevent them. Suck it up and get it out. Get a Hepa vacuum and shut it out by keeping windows closed. We all open windows. That allows pollen in. Keep windows shut so the pollen doesn't come in. The next one is take it off. So when you come in from the outside, exactly before you use your net pot, taking off the clothes covered in pollen, showering off and putting on fresh clothes. Wipe down your pets as well and many lastly stay on track. Track the pollen levels. When high in your area you want to make sure you're not doing a lot of activity in the morning. Wonderful suggestions, thank you, rich, for not doing that demo. Coming up what George

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{"id":45647274,"title":"Springtime, and your allergies, are coming early this year","duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Richard Besser appears live on \"GMA\" to show where pollen counts have soared across the country and how you can jump-start your allergy relief.","url":"/GMA/video/springtime-allergies-coming-early-year-45647274","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}