Truck Driver Turns the Tables on Illinois State Trooper

Brian Miner confronted the officer about speeding and using a cellphone while driving.
2:12 | 07/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Truck Driver Turns the Tables on Illinois State Trooper
Thank you. What could be the best story of the morning. The trucker gets pulled over by the police officer, but doesn't take it. He's speaking out this morning. He turned the law around. That's right. The driver says a trooper was driving recklessly. So, the driver decided he's going to lay down the law for the trooper, capturing the whole exchange on camera. I pulled you over, for the horn. I don't know what that was about. Because you were speeding and had your cell phone in your hand. Reporter: When Brian minor got pulled over by a state trooper for honking his horn unnecessarily, it was the cop that got an earful. You honked at me because you believe I was speeding? Reporter: With his camera rolling, he turned the tables on what he believed was a police officer behaving recklessly. Minor said he felt it was his duty to say something. If I'm going 70 miles per hour. You weren't going 70. You were going well above 70. My heart was racing, beating out of my chest. Reporter: The officer said he doesn't remember having his phone in his hand. But he does tell miner the law is on his side. Police officers can use technology when they're driving. So, you guys are above the law? We're exempt. Reporter: In Illinois, the law does allow officers to use technology while driving. And also drive above the speed limit when on official business. 2 1/2 minutes into their conversation, the officer walks away from the truck. When he returns, he thanks the driver for his concern. I didn't write you a ticket. I understand you using the horn. You're trying to -- you saw me speeding. Honestly, I wasn't paying attention to my speed. Reporter: Miner says he's not surprised the officer changed his tune. That's what happens when they know you're recording. I feel that my video was kind of like me giving him a ticket. It's up to us citizens to film them and bring them accountable for their actions. A spokesman for the Illinois state police has confirmed that the officer in the video is an Illinois state trooper. And says the matter is under review. I liked how the officer -- I know he knew he was being recorded. But he did say, I realize I didn't -- I wasn't paying attention to my speed. In law, we might call that an admission of guilt. Yes. On the end there.

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{"id":24376282,"title":"Truck Driver Turns the Tables on Illinois State Trooper","duration":"2:12","description":"Brian Miner confronted the officer about speeding and using a cellphone while driving.","url":"/GMA/video/truck-driver-turns-tables-illinois-state-trooper-24376282","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}