Woman attempts to conquer her lifelong fear of heights live on 'GMA'

Jane Fisher, who is terrified of heights, climbed a ladder more than 20-feet tall and swung from a trapeze on 'GMA.'
5:55 | 02/17/17

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Transcript for Woman attempts to conquer her lifelong fear of heights live on 'GMA'
might and it is time for conquer your fears. Around 20 million Americans are terrified of heights and ABC's Mara schiavocampo is with a "Gma" viewer who is facing that fear head on and beating it live right here on our show. Good morning, Mara. How is it going? Reporter: Michael, good morning. We're at a place called fearless fires and the name could not be more appropriate. She's been climbing this ladder all morning and about to face her ultimate fear but first let's take a look at her journey to get there. 35-year-old Jane fisher loves adventure. She's into sport, hiking and even competitive races. But at home with her husband John in Atlanta, there's one obstacle she can't overcome. You're doing awesome. Jane. No, I don't know if I can go up another one. Yeah. Reporter: Jane is terrified of heights. Okay, that's it. Okay. Yeah. Reporter: Not able to climb more than four rungs up this ladder. I freeze. I get sweaty palms. I'm starting to get sweaty palms thinking about it. Reporter: Now Jane is ready to face her fear head on. This excited and ready to conquer my conquer. New York, here we come. She goes to trapeze school New York to be treated by Dr. Ellen Koch who specializes in one-session exposure therapy. If you repeatedly run away at the height of anxiety you reinforce your fear. But if you stay put and face the fear little by little, the anxiety will eventually subside. What's the process for treatment. Take one step at a time and pace treatment and so when she's ready she'll take the next step up the ladder and we'll go one step at a time till she gets to the top. Reporter: Dr. Koch believes this is so effective that Jane's lifelong fear of heights can be cured in just three hours. The end goal, climb this 25-foot ladder and then swing from the trapeze. All right. You can do this. Reporter: First a baseline test. She makes it up six rupgs until the anxiety is unbearable. Ooh. I'm shaking really bad. Reporter: With Dr. Koch and instructor Annie coaching her on, she slowly beginning her climb to the top but breaks down, not sure if she can do it. It's really hard. Okay. That's all right. I'm really scared to get off. Reporter: She finally makes it to the platform but that's when the fear becomes overwhelming. I don't want to let go of this ladder. You do not have to let go. Reporter: And Jane has to question whether or not she can actually complete the challenge and swing from the trapeze. She is so brave, she inspires me. We saw just how hard it was for her to get up the ladder. That was a difficult challenge but she did it so now all that's left is that final step, Michael. Flying through the air on that trapeze bar. All right. And, Jane, we see you up there. You look like you're ready to go. How are you feeling right now? Michael, I'm ready to fly. All right. Well, good luck, Jane. We heard her. She's ready to fly. It's about that time. Jane, conquer your fear. Wow! Yes. Very impressive. So impressive. Dr. Koch, how is it possible to treat a lifelong fear in a couple of hours. For Jane she was very motivated to overcome her fear and that was really helpful for her and it was really important for her to learn about the anxiety process and that's important for her to confront her fear and let the anxiety come down and that she'll be fine with that as opposed to trying to fight it or to avoid it had she done it in the past. Confront it. Don't avoid it. Here with the woman of the hour. How do you feel right now. I'm feeling awesome. Yeah. I feel fearless. Well, not fearless but I'm still good. You conquered your fear. What was the hardest part. Hardest part is on the platform getting from the ladder to the platform and just trying to reassure yourself that there's a net underneath and then from there it's -- it helps the anxiety go down. Wow. Well, Jane, I got to say that that was rehearsal. Are you ready to dit again? Maybe. Maybe. But, you know, it really is remarkable. It was remarkable to see you climb the ladder and face your fears and just take it at your pace. I think a lot of people can learn so much interest that and we want to from us at the desk and everybody in our audience, everyone at home we want to congratulate you because you have faced your fears and we're very happy and very proud of you. Thank you. I couldn't have done this without everybody so thank you. It's a team effort. Thank you, and, Mara, thank you. We'll have more with Jane and Mara coming up when we come back. ??? you

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{"id":45552783,"title":"Woman attempts to conquer her lifelong fear of heights live on 'GMA'","duration":"5:55","description":"Jane Fisher, who is terrified of heights, climbed a ladder more than 20-feet tall and swung from a trapeze on 'GMA.' ","url":"/GMA/video/woman-attempts-conquer-lifelong-fear-heights-live-gma-45552783","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}