440-Pound Woman Trapped in Basement by Her Weight


"Myra posted something on Facebook about looking for [TLC] castmembers with obesity problems and I emailed her," said Olivia. "She said my life would be exposed -- they would film everything I did. But I was willing to do whatever it takes. I had tried suicide and I wasn't going to do that again."

She left Illinois and flew to Houston where she sought the help of a gastro surgeon and began filming for TLC's, "My 600-Pound Life."

Since 2010, Olivia has lost 233 pounds and intends to lose more.

"I just set my mind to it," she said. "It was determination, wanting to lose weight. I am Mexican and we eat tortillas and rice and beans, the food that makes you gain weight. I just stopped eating all that."

On June 3, Olivia she had gastric sleeve surgery. Now, she misses her twin sister, but lives with her brother and wife in Katy, Texas.

"I feel wonderful," she said. "I feel as if I have been reborn. I can go out and face the world. There is nothing to scare me or bother me. Nothing stops me now."

As for others seeking to lose weight, Olivia said: "Look for help, and if you can't find it, find me and I will try to get you help. Don't be afraid. And never give up. I didn't want to sit at home in my pity chair -- I had to get off and move. I wanted to live."

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