Girl's Nonstop Sneezing Baffles Doctors

Mehta, in fact, has firsthand experience with another case of machine gun sneezing. He treated an 11-year-old girl with a similar condition.

"It turns out that she had been cleaning her nose with a tissue, and a piece of the tissue got stuck," he says.

He said after the piece of tissue was removed, the patient improved immediately.

However, not all cases are so easily solved, as seen in Owens' case.

"A complete history needs to be taken, and then a full physical examination needs to take place, possibly including endoscopic examination and CT and/or MRI scanning," Josephson says. "Thorough investigation will probably ultimately find the culprit."

Health Risks of Sneezing?

For the vast majority of people, the effects of a sneeze -- or even multiple sneezes in a row -- pose little risk to health in general.

But for some, sneezes present a more substantial threat. Attempting to stop sneezes can redirect the high-pressure air through the eustachian tubes of the ears, leading to possible infection or eardrum damage.

Other impacts of sneezes, suppressed or not, can have health implications for a few sufferers.

"There are certain issues as far as blood pressure and heart rhythm are concerned," Bassett says.

However, he adds, "In a young person, such as in this case, this is less of an issue."

In all likelihood, Owens will simply continue to suffer this remarkable inconvenience for a time, which will come to an end when doctors find and vanquish the root cause of her nonstop sneezes.

Until then, Mehta says a common remedy for sneezing can be found over-the-counter -- Benadryl.

"Generally that takes care of a lot of the irritation," he says.

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