How Can I Manage Going To Work Or Going To School During An Episode Of Bipolar Disorder?

Question: How can I manage going to work or going to school during an episode of bipolar disorder?

Answer: You can manage the symptoms of bipolar disorder at work or school, really depend on which symptoms you would be experiencing.

So for bipolar disorder, that can either be one of three types -- either what we would call manic symptoms, depressive symptoms, or a combination of the two -- what we would call an irritable of dysphoric mania. And that would determine how you would be able to deal with them.

(For) most people it's the depressive symptoms, so being able to try and stay focused at school and to try and get through things in a way that you're able to stay attention and stay on task would be important. Same thing for the mania or the manic symptoms would be to try and do things in small increments so to not make it too stressful and have a full day ahead of you; try and make it manageable with maybe some breaks in between.

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