A Deadly Cancer Myth

My fear and concern is that the theory proposed in this paper will be picked up by the press and held forth as fact when there are other very creditable explanations for some of the observations.

My fear is that there are women who will read the news and say, "I don't need to be screened. It will increase my chances of dying from my breast cancer."

My fear is that we could take another giant step backward.

Researchers (and others) need to be very aware that that their well-intentioned thoughts and observations may end up being misinterpreted and promoted elsewhere devoid of their original good intent and stripped of their explanatory and clarifying notes and comments.

In this case, some of the headlines may lead African-American women to conclude that mammography in their premenopausal years is harmful to their health.

If that happens, the unintended consequences could be very, very unfortunate.

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