Mortgage, Terror Woes Figure Big Into Stress

Identify your sources of stress. What events or situations trigger stressful feelings? Take into consideration issues related to your children, family, health, financial decisions, work and relationships.

Recognize how you deal with stress -- especially if your strategies are unhealthy ones. This may help you devise healthier strategies for letting off steam, such as meditation, exercising or talking things out with friends or family.

Take care of yourself. Eat right, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and engage in regular physical activity. And no matter how hectic life gets, make time for yourself -- even if it's just in simple ways like reading a good book or listening to your favorite music.

Be willing to reach out for support. Accepting help from supportive friends and family can improve your ability to manage stress. If you continue to feel overwhelmed by stress, you may want to talk to a psychologist.

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