Can I Require Employees To Be Tested?

Question: My name is Sonny and in 1999 I was diagnosed wtih type 2 diabetes. My question is, can I require one of my employees to be tested for diabetes if they appear to exhibit the classic symptoms?

Answer: Sonny, I think that is a very challenging question. My guess is there's some legal implications there. You of course, with your diabetes, know what the symptoms are, and very appropriately when you see someone who works with you who has the same symptoms, you're concerned about them.

I don't know necessarily that you can require that. You may want to talk to your human resources office. What I would do on a personal basis is sit down with that individual, explain that those were the exact same symptoms that you have had and encourage that person to get it checked into.

If there is some problem related to that individuals work productively, then certainly checking with your human resources office would be the next step.