Is It Okay For People With Diabetes To Become Pregnant, And How Should I Plan My Pregnancy?

Question: Is it okay for people with diabetes to become pregnant, and how should I plan my pregnancy?

Answer: For most women with diabetes, it's perfectly safe to become pregnant. The most important thing when you have diabetes and you want to become pregnant is to make sure your blood sugars are as well controlled as possible.

It's also very important to talk it over with your doctor first. We have a joke in our clinic that your doctor should be the second person you tell you want to have a baby -- who the first person is, is up to you.

If you do decide to become pregnant, you should be aware that the higher your blood sugars are when you become pregnant, the greater the chance there is for a problem with your baby. Very early in pregnancy, high sugars are like a poison to a developing baby; the higher the sugars, the more potential chance of a problem. However, if a woman with diabetes has a normal or near-normal blood sugar when she conceives, the chances of her having a problem with her baby are about the same as the general population.


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