Why Do I Feel Guilty About Having Gestational Diabetes?

Question: Why do I feel guilty about having gestational diabetes?

Answer: Many women with gestational diabetes think that they've done something wrong, or that this is a problem that they can cure if they'd just eat less, exercise more, and think clean thoughts, and none of that is true. Gestational diabetes is a hormonal problem that affects about 5 percent of the women in the United States. It's a real medical problem because the hormones that your baby is making and your own hormones that keep your blood sugar down are battling each other, and some women just can't make enough insulin, and rather than thinking this is something you can overcome with true grit and a lot of determination, it's much better for you and for your baby to have well-controlled blood sugars. You'll feel better, your delivery will be safer, and your baby in all likelihood will be healthier. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to keep your blood sugars under good control and also the importance of taking medicines that you might need to make sure that you have a healthy delivery and a healthy baby.

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