The Top Five Things to Consider When Starting a Workout Program

Think about it. Some of us competed in track and field in college, while some played football or basketball and some took dance classes. Each of those requires a different skill set and different strengths. Hence, how can you explain to somebody what to do if you have not met that person? Without knowing the strengths and weaknesses of their muscular system and the short and long muscle groups that need to be corrected for the system to work efficiently, it is an extremely difficult task.

Getting Started

One of the best approaches is to look into your posture first. What is posture, many of you wonder? Ideal posture is the best possible body position to execute movements most efficiently. By accomplishing a correct body posture you prevent yourself from getting injured.

If you are really want to learn more about your ideal posture I highly recommend to pick up the book "Muscle Testing and Function" by Kendall, McCreary and Provacne, fourth edition. Educate yourself and find a personal trainer who can analyze your body as mentioned in the book.

As soon as you have corrected muscular imbalance, you can move further into the strengthening section of your program. Keep in mind there are many different ways to strengthen your body. But one of the easier that you can do is to use your own body's resistance -- and you don't even need a gym.

Such exercises are a good start, and you can do them anywhere. Additional resistance can be added on through weights or rubber bands. Your goal is to build up lean muscle weight to burn more fat tissue on your body.

Set Your Goal -- and Go for It

Keep in mind that it is important for you to know what you would like to accomplish. A program designed for a bodybuilder is different compared to that of a person who competes in track and field, or who wants to do gymnastics, or who is injured.

But no matter what you decide on, the most important thing is to get started and do it step by step. Don't rush into it. Enjoy the process, plan it out and stick to your commitments to improve your body. Most importantly, keep in mind your goals, your solutions, your capabilities and your time availabilities.

To help you get started, please go to and download the free goal and solution sheet, which you can find in the Mental Detox box under the link "forms."

Fill it out and stick to it. Do it again after four weeks and see how your goals and your solutions might have changed by comparing it to your first document.

Stefan Aschan is the owner and founder of, a New York City-based enterprise that provides nutrition advice and exercise programs.

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