Are There Medications To Help Me Quit Smoking After A Heart Attack?

Question: Are there medications to help me quit smoking after a heart attack?

Answer: Smoking is a very difficult problem, and obviously many patients find it very difficult to quit. Around the time of a heart attack, we can sometimes help patients use the motivation, the health risks, to help bolster their chances of stopping smoking.

It remains true that less than half of patients who want to stop are able to. But a combination of certain prescription drugs that your doctor can provide, as well as nicotine patches or nicotine gum as your doctor sees appropriate, will give you the best chance to stop smoking. It's also important to ask people who smoke around you, or in your household to stop.

You do need to stop smoking if you've had a heart attack, but if folks around you -- your friends, family and peers -- continue to smoke, it's going to make it that much more difficult.

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