Exercise Is Good Food for Your Mood

If you're feeling like your workout could use a boost then just add music — it's sure to elevate your spirits and re-energize you. You can also grab a friend. Working out with a buddy gives you more stress-relieving bang for your buck. They'll likely keep you motivated and working harder (more endorphins for you!) and you'll also get the benefits of enjoying the company of a friend who helps take the "work" out of working out.

As the weather improves, make an effort to get outside. Giving the gym a break and connecting with the outdoors will invigorate both your workout and your mood.

If getting to a gym isn't an option, then Coopersmith recommends these easy steps to ensure you're getting your daily fix:

Take the stairs. They're accessible pretty much everywhere, so run up and down for five minutes at a time for a fairly intense jolt.

While you're watching TV, commit to getting up and moving for the entirety of each commercial break. Try something moderate like marching or dancing in place — you'll get the same benefits even if you break up the exercise.

You can invest in resistance bands for at-home training, but people will also find basic push-ups to be very effective. Try on to three sets of eight to 12 repetitions (if you can do more than that, time to try something harder).

Supplement Your Workout

Complex carbohydrates are associated with raised serotonin levels, so supplement your workout with healthy carbs like oats (with skim milk) or multigrain bread (with natural peanut butter). You can also try one of VitalJuiceDaily.com's healthy breakfast suggestions.

The idea is to have a healthy carbohydrate with some protein and very little (or all-healthy) fat. Besides raising serotonin levels, this will allow for a sustained energy release during your workout.

Don't use this as an excuse to pig out, though: have about 200-calories worth of leeway within two hours before you exercise and again within one hour after. Stay away from simple sugars, which will cause your blood sugar to drastically rise and then crash, making you tired and irritable.

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