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My father is 72 years old, and about two months ago he had a surgery and was given three stents. He is also diabetic and also had high blood pressure. My question to you: Should my father not have had this surgery? His doctors were telling him that he just had heartburn and were giving him heartburn medications. He decided to see another doctor who then performed an EKG and found the blockage. This "heartburn" had been going on for about six months. If my father had not been diagnosed with this condition when he did, what could have happened to him if this would have gone on? I believe that this surgery saved his life. How do you feel about this?


Well, it sounds like he is doing well, and that is the most important thing. Though it is impossible to tell what would have happened had your father not gone in for surgery, his continued health is a good sign. Taking steps to control his existing risk factors for heart disease, as well as continued dialogue with his doctor, will most likely ensure that he remains well.


My father has 95 percent blockage in both carotid arteries. One doctor wanted to take him into surgery, and one didn't. He had throat cancer and has scar tissue near the blockage, and one doctor actually said that they weren't even sure the arteries there were actually blocked -- it may be the scar tissue that is pushing on it. Does this new study have any implications for him?


No, this study does not have any implications for patients such as your father. Your father has problems with his carotid arteries -- the main arteries of the neck -- while this study addresses the coronary arteries of the heart.

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