G-Shot Parties: A Shot at Better Sex?

"Women have been completely left behind," he said. "When I talk about laser vaginal rejuvenation for women, yeah, there's controversy. But look it up; there are over 200 medical devices for male impotence."

Still, Kuriansky said the doctor's office may not be the first place for women to look for solutions to their sexual problems.

"If you enlarge this area, would it be possible that you would also want more stimulation in another area? What are you going to do, start injecting that area too?" she said. "The take-home point is for women to feel OK about their bodies and their responses. That is essential before putting pressure on yourself and starting to look to medical procedures."

Bass agreed. "We're always looking for quick fixes for lots of things in our lives, and sexuality is very complicated. It may take more than a shot to create a satisfactory sex life."

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