New FDA Approved Birth Control: Right For You?

The devices were removed in 35 percent of patients in clinical trials. For some this was voluntary. The most common reason for removal was bleeding irregularities, which occurred in 11 percent of the women.

What happens when device cannot be located?

All devices were removed without problem in the clinical trial. However during the post marketing data there were a few instances where it was difficult to locate the device. When this happens it can be located by U/S or MRI.

When do women resume fertility after device is removed?

As early as 30 days. Rapid return to pretreatment fertility.

Is Implanon biodegradable?

It is not biodegradable. It contains progestin (Etonogestrel). It is made from a medical polymer. It is implanted subdermally. The progestin is slowly released over three years. It is effective for three years.

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